Suggestion on Good HD Camcorder s

I'm thinking on buying a Camcorder to record some Music Videos. I'm looking for some good video quality, durability, common output format (compatibility with HitFilm), and a price range of $600-$800. I'd like it to have a Hard-drive but if it ups' the price too much I can accept memory cards instead. Help is highly appreciated.


  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Posts: 5,252 Staff
    Canon T3i. Best video quality in the price range, by a long, long way. Good durability and reliability. Records in .mov format using the H.264 codec, which is widely compatible and performs nicely in HitFilm straight out of the camera. $750 with a kit lens included. Plus, you can add lenses to your kit later on to improve the quality of the footage and the versatility of the camera even beyond what it already is.
    Audio capabilities in-camera aren't fantastic, but since for music videos you'll be using audio recorded elsewhere anyway, this isn't an issue.