Kickstarter Campaign Video

[size="5"]This is not the final version, the final one I cut quiet a bit out.
This just shows, what all you can do with HFU. I filmed this in the living-room of my one bedroom apartment, but it looks like I'm in a studio.
All the 3D text was done in Blender. Some of the editing, and all the sound editing was done with SVP11. The background music I put together using Pro Scores. Everything else was done with HFU.
The one thing that made this possible, and not a headache to edit, was that I used Quicktime 7 Avid DNxHD codec 1080p/29.97 DNxHD 36 8bit, when I rendered it in SVP11.
When everything was said and done, my final composite shot had over 20 layers, and very little lag.
If you have any question, let me know. And yes this is a real light that I created.[/size]


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Its looking like a pretty cool product. How much are you aiming to raise through Kickstarter?
    One thing I have to point out is that the white balance is so far off on the skin tones that it is really distracting. Some color correcting to get them back in the range of natural human skin color would help a lot. Right now you look like one of the Simpsons.
    Also, as a potential investor, I'd be interested in seeing a better demonstration of how the light works. The shot you have looks like a building at night, even when the light is on, it would work much better if you could see the light IN the shot, and then have someone turn it on and off, so you could see what it is doing.
  • MatthiasClaflin
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    I too would be interested in seeing more on how well the light works. Maybe show us some of the examples you talked about in action.
  • Sorry about that, as I said that was not the finished product. I was just using that as an example of what I have learned to do with HFU. If you noticed, there is a crane shot, and I'm in three different positions, and a couple of zooms, that was all done in HFU. Like I said, I shot this is the living room of my one bedroom apartment, and I stood in one spot the whole time. All the text in this video was done in Blender, then brought over as a PNG. I am really impressed with all that can be done with this software, besides blowing this up, or making it look like you are shooting a gun.
    The link below is the preview link for my Kickstarter Campaign. And yes I really can do what I am offering for pledges. I'm in the process of designing an on camera light, that will have 60 led's of warm white, and 60 led's of cool. You will also be able to adjust between the two, and I'm trying to make this as a pledge item for under $100. Anyway you all have a good weekend, and take care.
    Kickstarter Preview
  • This sounds like an incredible project if you could get it off the ground- i wish you the best of luck with your campaign- and like previous comments i too would be interested in seeing a finished prototype in action. A solid pitch as well, funny and well spoken- you kept my attention throughout- though like it's been said we do really need to see the product in a better environment- like perhaps a small lighting set up for a set- or perhaps a side by side comparison with the workmen lights you mentioned?
    Good luck with everything mate and keep us updated!