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So I caught this short on the Red Giant website and thought I'd share it. Really fun short, and really cool concept. What do you guys think?


  • MatthiasClaflin
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    I actually enjoyed that a ton! Very cool short! Nice find there!
  • DanielGWood
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    Ah yeah saw this one the other day, would have shared it but I can't remember which set of bookmarks its in..
    Fantastic stuff though, very enjoyable!
  • StaffOnly
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    That was really cool!
    But that is John Knoll's voice at the start! Why haven't I seen that interview with him? What is he talking about? Small project? Testbed? 3D workflow?
  • CameraRick
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    I enjoyed the film, but (as everytime here on the Forums :D) I have to complain some stuff.
    Don't get me wrong: I like this piece of Movie, the Idea is great, the Acting awesome and there were serious SFX at the Set. Nice! And most things turned out really nice (I think sometimes it's way overgraded, but hey, that seems to be normal for films based on "Looks").
    But I can't stand obvious bad compositing. In the last Scenes within the SciFi Battle you can see at least two times some stock footage over the actor's foot when it should be behind it. This may not happen, and I don't know how tired the Compositor must have been to miss that.
    And then, in the last Scene after the Credits; Moire all around the roof. I think you must see this when you work on it, so why not getting rid of it by desaturating it or something?
    These are some things that ruin that Movie a bit for me. It may not be a big Deal for many people, but for me it's this small Thing that tells me: "this is a movie" and knocks me out of my tension while watching.
  • SimonKJones
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    It's a cool movie and a lot of fun, but I agree with CameraRick about the grading. While the video partially exists to demonstrate a grading product, I'm actually not very keen on the various grades it demonstrates. The 'ungraded' scene at the very start, before everything kicks off, is probably the best looking part of the entire film...which probably wasn't what they were going for.
    Otherwise, though, it's great fun. :D
  • mercianfilm
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    This was great, thanks for sharing rodypolis! I especially enjoyed the bit where he goes to the police stereotype plot- it was so typical of cop movies- where there's usually always someone one day from retirement who invariably gets killed. I also liked the main actors acting- his facial expressions in some scenes were very funny. Glad i watched this, thanks!
  • StormyKnight
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    Enjoyed it up to the point where the player stopped- just after the alien sequence. :( I have yet to see the ending- I'll try on another computer tonight and hopefully it will work. Stupid work computers. :((
  • RodyPolis
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    Ya, while watching this I too thought the gradings were bad. There's no way any professional movie would ever look like that. Just too much, or too little. Don't know what they were thinking. The black and white was pretty good though!
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