Showreel 2012

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My new showreel for 2012, now that I've graduated film school. I owe quite a lot to Fxhome for allowing me to realise a few dreams over the years. I continue to use their products to this day.
Hope you enjoy it :)



  • ESPictures
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    Some really good scenes there. The slow pan up the beer glass as it was being filled was very poignant for me. ;)
    Where were the scenes by the ocean filmed?
  • Thank you. That slow pan was for a beer commercial. Not an actual one, but an entry in to a competition. Still, it was shot on film, which allowed us to do high-speed fairly easily. I think it was shot at 75fps.
    The ocean scenes were filmed at Winspit Quarry, which is on the Dorset coast, near the village of Worth Matravers. It's actually quite a popular location for productions; among others, Doctor Who has shot a couple of episodes there before.
    Glad you enjoyed it!
  • DasCalver
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    I like your work. It looks pretty professional :)