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Hello hit film community, i have a few questions about hitfilm.
Can i create effects light AE? or are my options based on current canned effects.
I haven't had a chance to render anything as i can't render to my hd(trial limitation, no time limit is awesome), so is the final product crisp and clean on a sapphire hd 7770 gpu?
The software is intuitive and seems clean, i haven't played with particle effects yet it has a 3d view that seems really simple to use. Can i make my own effects using custom emitters? in the 3d com posit view.
I'm currently on the fence about making a purchase from what I've seen it looks clean and videos rendered looks smooth, i haven't had a chance to test rendering with my ati graphics card yet.
I'd appreciate peoples experience with hitfil, as good composite tools are few and far between.


  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,232 Staff
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    Hi there, and welcome to the community. With HitFilm Ultimate, you have a lot more power for customization than with HitFilm Standard. The Standard version includes a bunch of different effects engines, which can be modified pretty significantly to fit the requirements of each scene. But the Ultimate version includes direct access to the Particle Generator, and every control it offers. You can build almost any effect you want. To get anything close to comparable in AE, would require a plug-in that costs more than HitFilm, plus the cost of AE to begin with.
    On top of that you have lightning, fire, lens flare, light ray, and lens dust generators, plus dozens and dozens of other generators and effects included in Hitfilm. In terms of effects creation, you would need hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of plug-ins for AE to cover everything that Hitfilm can create. In addition, Hitfilm has a full 3D compositing environment, which AE does not.
    There are some areas in which AE is more capable or robust than Hitfilm as well, each program has its strengths, but what HitFilm Ultimate can do is amazing, especially for the price point.
    The compositing tools are excellent, with built-in 2D point tracking, as well as support for 3D tracking data from all popular tracking software. The keying tools, and the ability to work with layers in full 3D are also benefits in the compositing arena. As far as rendering, it does great, as well as the codec you select will allow, and it takes full advantage of your GPU to speed up the process.
    All in all, though, I'd recommend that you play more with the demo, and watch some of the free tutorials to get a sense for what the software is capable of. And if you are interested in building your own effects, make sure you have HitFilm Ultimate.
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    Its allot cheaper then after affects and it is more intuitive control wise, been looking at videos made in hitfilm and most look really good. My main concern is compatibility with my hardware, as i don't want to buy software that might acts up.
    my current set up, i change it allot (my rig is a swiss army knife,got other parts in boxs for other uses)
    My case is an antec 1200 (never gonna change this)
    mobo : asus sabre tooth x58
    cpu : 17 850 quadcore
    ram : 4 or 8 gig depends on its use
    hdd : 2 wd veloca raptors 10k rpm in raid, 3tb in other drives and hotswap
    gpu : saphire hd 7770
    have you tested hitfilms with alot of hardware? i build computers, so if i can help pm
    i'm very interested in hitfilm, after affects is too fiddly to use
  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,232 Staff
    We've tested it with a pretty good range of hardware, yeah. You can view the details of the minimum and recommended requirements here:
    Of course, the best way to see exactly how it will perform on your hardware is to try the demo, which it sounds like you already have.
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    I'm pretty sure it will run smooth and not give me issues, it would be good if i could do a long render to see the output quality. as i can only do 30 seconds and have it put on YouTube (you tube quality is pretty dire)...buying something on faith is something i need to consider?
    for the price it seems fair enough, I'm heading to Greece on Sunday so i will have plenty of footage to play with then i can decide?
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