Looking for a new PC or Laptop?

There seems to be a number of people looking at purchasing a new laptop/pc in order to get the best out of Hitfilm.
For UK based people I can recommend www.pcspecialist.co.uk (and no I don't work for them)
Even if you don't intend to buy from them thay have an excellent forum where you can ask for advice on suitable specs.


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    We should really have some sort of forum sticky for PC specs, now that you mention it.
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    Yeah, some kind of friendly guide to PC specs would be a useful thing indeed.
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    This was something I suggested just the other day, along with a list of trusted PC Retailers.
    And maybe even a Bargain Bin, where people can post links to any bargains they've found with regards to PC/Filming Equipment. Those threads always seem to be popular on other forums, not sure if it's a viable option here?
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    To get the best out of HitFilm or any video editor with a notebook/laptop, I suggest the Sager NP7282. It's essentially a notebook that is the only true desktop replacement. Mine for example has three 500GB HDDS, 16GB RAM,
    an nVidia GTX560, an i7 Intel 960 CPU, every port you can name except a PS/2. And more, here's a link: http://www.sagernotebook.com/
    Notice: This is a gaming notebook, a very high end gaming notebook. That's what make sit ideal for video editing. It's expensive, my configuration even discounted was $2,300. battery life is a negative FYI, about one hour. A notebook with this power is a hog so if you want long battery life with desktop power in a notebook, forget it. I don't even use my battery so removed it. In the rare times I work away from home, I just bring the adapter and use a wall socket because I'm usually using it in a library and not outside or on a plane. Another thing is the unit is HEAVY, about 17lbs.
    But if you want a notebook that will run a video editor without constraints and allow heavy serious editing, watching videos in bright high resolution, this unit has no peer. you can hook it up to almost any display device because it has so many different kinds of ports. Despite the patented and unique copper based cooling system supplemented by four fans, do not presume to use this unit on your lap. It's heavy, big, and your lap would block the fans which suck air as opposed to blowing it. Your lap will make it become hot and trust me, you'll know it is hot. In summary, if you want the best notebook to work with HitFilm ( I also use Avid Media Composer 5 ) the NP 7282 is the best but it has drawbacks. Personally, I love the brute force it brings to bear in my work since I rarely take it out of the home to be use elsewhere except may be a library or studio.
  • Anyone looking to spend just a little less (about $1000) could pick up the thinnest 15 inch notebook on the planet, from Dell. The XPS 15z models shown on this page will all run Hitfilm with no problems. They start at $1000, but that's far better than over $2000. It may be worth checking out, but a lot of times great deals can be found for the same Dell computer by searching under their business laptops page.
    Hope that helps someone!
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