wav file lag?

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Hi I recorded an interview with a screen capture by camtasia which I re-rendered to be a wav. file. It plays perfectly on windows media player in great quality and no lag, but when I imported to hitfilm; it became very laggy and impossible to work with. The graphics card is not a problem and the file is not a problem. I transferred it over from a flash drive to the desktop and hitfilm recognized but couldnt import for some reason. However when I transferred it directly to documents hifilm could import although very laggy. Sorry I couldnt get to technical, im unfamiliar; but thanks much appreciated
add-on: I could re render into an avi., wav., mp4., mp3., mov., m4v, gif file, which one would work best?


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    As far as I know .wav isn't a video container at all, it should be audio-only... besides that, look at the advice regarding codecs that Axel gave you in your second thread.
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    Make sure your WAV format/render matches what HitFilm is set to.
    If WAV is 16 bit 48KHz, HF's audio should be set to same.
    And if you are using Windows-7, it is a known, that it will change the sample rate at the driver level of your soundcard without asking or notification. This can create play back lag/speedup. So you may want to check that as well.
    Windows 7 does not do this if you are using an ASIO soundcard driver.
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