Over clocking your GPU!

[size="7"][/size][center][/center]First of all, do not do this if you haven't done this before! You can do serious damage to your GPU, if it is done wrong!!!
[size="4"][left][/left][/size]Seeing how HitFilm is GPU intensive, I wanted to see if OCing My GPU would help and it does !
I used MSI Afterburner to OC my GTX 580/3g; from 772MHz to 940MHz, I pushed the voltage to 1125, and the Memory to 2100MHz. Now before I did all this, I did my homework. I researched what other's have done with the same GPU. MSI Afterburner, Gives you a lot of info, and also allows you to set up profiles.
The project I am working on now has 13 layers, and was shot in 1080p. Before overclocking, HF was starting to lag. OCing my GPU to the above settings no lag. Make sure you have a computer that has a lot of air movement, because the GPU will get hot. The highest temps mine has reached is 70c, and the fan on it sounded like a B29 getting ready to take off. The software also shows how much of the GPU is being used, and HF is a pig when it comes to that. When I finish using HF I reset my GPU, because HF is the only software that truly abuses graphics cards.
Again, do not attempt this with out doing research on your GPU! You can very easily destroy a $400, or more graphics card!
That being said, you can also get a GPU on the low end of the requirements, to act like one that you spent more money on. Hope this helps, if you have any question, just ask.
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