Fly - Cloud particle simulation.

NullUnit Posts: 791 Just Starting Out
Playing around and learning the particle simulator. This video is also based on the Dr. Who time tunnel tutorial.


  • Keegan
    Keegan Posts: 294 Just Starting Out
    That's actually really cool.
    I feel like it might work more if the clouds were mostly white and poofy instead of the brownish-gray cloud floating about.
    Just a thought. Great work!!!
  • ESPictures
    ESPictures Posts: 533 Just Starting Out
    Interesting, but the transparency on the clouds looks wrong. Might be a neat effect for an alien world though.
  • NullUnit
    NullUnit Posts: 791 Just Starting Out
    Thanks for the comments!
    Keegs, yeah I had the clouds all white, but when I color graded the video it brought out some brown in the clouds. I thought it looked a bit natural since where I am there is some air pollution that does make clouds kind of brown. But, I'll play around with the color grading to try some different stuff out.
    ES Pictures, It does look kind of alien, and I thought about making it look even more literally alien. I think I have the clouds semi-tranparent because I couldnt decide if I liked them that way or with the opacity at 100%. Ill play around with those settings too.