Cloud Atlas trailer

SimonKJones Posts: 4,448 Enthusiast

Now THAT is a trailer.
No idea what's going on, but it looks visually astonishing.
I've really enjoyed the Wachowski's post-Matrix stuff, particularly the criminially undervalued Speed Racer, so can't wait for this. As visualists they're pretty much the only directors that rival Ridley Scott.


  • Froi
    Froi Posts: 966
    i watched this over on Facebook and it is pretty mind boggling.
    I can see the relation between it and the matrix, going from one life to another, (matrix-real world).
    i guess it just follows a coupe of people that die, get re born and carry on like that and they always find each other again?
    It does seem rather complicated from the trailer, but i want to see it!
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  • KahvehRobinett
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    I find that the music, editing and length of the trailer make it incredibly satisfying to watch. Makes you actually want to watch the movie, unlike most movie trailers. . .
    Haven't seen Speed Racer yet but it looks very interesting. Particularly the cartoonyness of the race sequences.