Death Eater tutorial

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This is my first tutorial and it does have some issues but stills gets the point across.
Comments on how to make better tutorials would be much appreciated.


  • InTheFlesh
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    Nice work.
    Regarding the tutorial itself, I think your presentation is fine and there weren't any glaring issues. As you do more tutorials, you will get more confident.
    On a side note, I just posted a bunch of free cloud/smoke textures which are very highly detailed here: And could really help push the realism of this effect
    Looking forward to what you come up with next!
  • SimonKJones
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    Good stuff, thanks for doing that, Kahveh! Also good to know how to pronounce your name, we've been having a few discussions about that one in the office. :P
    The tutorial is good, the only advice I'd give is to make it both a bit snappier and a bit more detailed. Getting the detail level right is tricky, as it's hard to know exactly how much to explain, but a little bit more info about why you're doing certain things as you do it would help people I think. Similarly, try not to have gaps where you're doing stuff without narration, even if it means cutting or speeding up bits.
    Nice work regardless, and I look forward to seeing more stuff from you. :)
  • MasterWolf
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    i like the shewwwwwwww shewwwwwwwwww sound effects
  • Thanks guys, I'll be making as many tutorials as I can over this summer break. And as for the sound effects I kinda did that without thinking about it. But since you liked it so much I'll be sure to put them in my next tutorial :D .
  • MasterWolf
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    I do the same thing, not sure why but i find i make the goofiest sounds and faces when i am working. Ya just gotta do it.