The Secret Number

Just stumbled across this. A great short with a unique premise...

Enjoy :)


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    The Secret Number is/was Colin Levy's thesis at SCAD- a member of the former site who talked about the development of it over on FXhome multiple years ago. While it is solid, the amount of hype, money, and time that I observed go into it ultimately failed it in my opinion, and the final film disappointed me because of that. Also it won all these awards my friends at SCAD were up for, despite using the music from Inception, which was iffy I felt like.
    Obviously that requires having a back-knowledge of its development, but yeah.
    The $15K budget and 2-year production/post for a simple-premised 15-minute movie seem like waste/decadence that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I guess. That's prejudice, but my knowledge of the production leaves it there subconsciously.
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    Nothing wrong with quality over quantity. If this is his passion project then I see nothing wrong with spending time or money on it. From the buzz this short is getting I wouldn't be surprised if he gets some real work out of it.
    (This short kind of reminds me of Pi. That worked ot pretty well for Aronofsky.)
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    He did an internship in Europe, directed the Blender Open project a few summers ago, and currently works for Pixar. I think he's doing just fine on jobs. :)
    And my opinion comes more from knowing the history and his reputation amongst my friends who work(ed) with him. To me, filmmaking is just as much the journey as creation as it is the final product, so I'm free to have that prejudice just as you are the opposite, bud.
    Also, Pi was a feature film written by Aronofsky- The Secret Number is a short story written about 15 years ago by Igor Teper. The whole premise always seemed more silly than thought-provoking to me, especially with the cringe-worthy labeling of the integer being 'bleem'- and what could have been grounded is, to me, made even sillier by the deadpan seriousness and foreboding tone of the whole short. It feels forced in order to add gravity to the whimsical high-concept idea; but all it really serves to do is make the whole short feel more like a well-produced satire- and unfortunate and unwanted, I assume, conclusion.
    I think it's a slick and incredibly solid short- but nothing particularly special beyond being a slightly-better-than-good movie altogether.
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    Also it won all these awards my friends at SCAD were up for, despite using the music from Inception, which was iffy I felt like.
    Was that in an early version? The Vimeo version credits a composer with an original score.

    Really, really liked the short. It's lovingly crafted and it's a pleasure to see a sci-fi concept told in a restrained manner, when so many online genre shorts these days are all about showing off giant robots. It's a film where every element feels very deliberate, from camera moves to set design to lighting. I particularly liked the alleyway scene.
    There's something slightly nostalgic about the film which I'm having a hard time putting my finger on. Maybe it's the constant rain and wetness of the streets, which gives it a very 70s/80s feel.