Although I think HitFilm Ultimate is a pretty sick software, I would like to see some plug-ins to HitFilm to enhance my experience on HitFilm. I think things such as text or maybe some templates for title sequence or intros. Just a suggestion.
Thanks !


  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,232 Staff
    One of our major goals in developing Hitfilm was that our users wouldn't have to spend hundreds of additional dollars on plug-ins to get the functionality they want out of the software, because those features are already included. Having to pay extra for features like particles, lens flares, or muzzle flashes, etc. could drive the cost of the software beyond many people's budget. Therefore, all of these features are included right out of the box. Text is also included, and when combined with the power of the particle simulator and other effects, some pretty impressive titles can already be created with HitFilm.
    Of course, HitFilm has only been out for not quite a year, and is still in version 1, so there are lots of features that we want to add as development continues, including more powerful text features. If you compare version 1 of After Effects to its current incarnation, for example, you can see how much has been added in the way of functionality and features throughout years of continued development. Expect HitFilm to experience a similar increase in awesomeness as it matures. And we are very alert to what features our users would like to see, so we can focus development resources on the things you guys will find useful. So thank you for your input. Meanwhile, if you want assistance with any particular text effects or techniques, feel free to ask here on the forums, and we or other users may be able to offer some useful tips and suggestions.
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