25 FREE Sound FX

Hi Guys!!
As mentioned in a previous topic, I have been working on some sound effects for my site Vault FX.
Now these are still being being completed and will be released very soon. However I have put together a collection of 25 sound effects that you can download for free.
I have made sound effects in the past, some you you may remember the Time Warps & Generator effects on the FXhome.com site. These effects have been worked on as well to make them better. However this is the first real attempt to make more variety of effects on a much larger scale.
Please feel free to let me know what you think of them so I can take this on board to making better sounds in the future.
To download the 25 free clips please visit the site Vault FX, you will need to register to access the members area for the download link and there are more free give-aways, so check them out.
I hope you all like the sound effects B-)


  • Hi there!
    I love your software and the site, however the link to Vault FX on this page is dead :(  I get re-directed to Charter's "Suggestion of what you might be looking for" webpage.
    Anyway... Keep up the awesome work and the incredible software! I have been an Adobe software user for years and I find myself saying "Why do I bother with Adobe Premier & After Effect when I have HitFim"!
  • StormyKnight
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    VFX- I got this message when I clicked on the link, "The requested URL "vault-fx.com" cannot be found or is not available. Please check the spelling or try again later." and a yahoo search page.
    Digital Enigma- I got AE CS5 about a month or two before HitFilm came out. I haven't learned much in AE as HF is sooooooo much easier to use. And the community is much more friendly, supportive and helpful as is the FXhome team!
  • VaultFX
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    Hi Guys,
    Sorry I have taken the site down as it was benefical to run it due to current circumstances.
    I am looking in to a few things for this however and may look to get a new site up an running in a few months.
    If you are both want to PM me I can send you the zip file for the 25 Free Sound FX clips I was offering, My collection is still growing and may tie in well with a new site.