No Good Deed - A 48 Hour Film Project

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Hey guys!
As per usual, this past weekend I competed in a 48 Hour Film Project competition in Dallas, TX. As my group, Atomic Productions, was a little preoccupied with other work leading into the time, and as our good buddy John Redlinger was already setting up a team- we piggybacked on his efforts, assisting him with producing and locations, and myself editing the project (with Ben serving as camera operator on pretty much all the handheld stuff). Had a great time and dynamic with our frequent collaborator, and got a chance to work with a very talented actress named Chelsea Maidhof (who also happens to be John's girlfriend).
I think it came out pretty nicely. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!


  • Good work all around. They did seem a bit young for their roles was really the only issue I had.
  • Andrew
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    Thanks Fred!
    Yeah, that was John's (the main actor) biggest qualm with shooting drama (the category we drew) and doing something grittier- he was worried about 'selling the ages' well, and maybe it doesn't play to some.
    But it's like I had to keep reminding myself and telling him- we're not 16 anymore. We're in our mid-20s. Might as well go for it, ya know?
    But I definitely see the point. Aging-up actors always feels much more grounded, professional, and (generally) more-believable.
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    Well, we won. Not Best Editing, unfortunately, but pretty much everything else:
    -Best Film
    -Audience Awards
    -Best Directing
    -Best Cinematography
    -Best Writing
    -Best Actor
    -Best Sound Design
  • Damn, looked good to me. 7 min in 48 hours damn i'm impressed.
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    Huh, could swear I commented on this one already. Maybe I did in another topic?
    Anyway, this was very slickly put together and I really, really liked the acting. Something I always used to criticise you guys for were the melodramatic histrionics of your acting style, but you've managed to done that down over the years without losing any of the dramatic intensity. Nicely done.