Quick Green Screen Tip

I figured out a little trick the other day and thought I'd share it. I had a shot I was working on and I was planning on putting my actor into a digital environment. The plan was to have a full body shot showing the actors feet. So what's the problem? Well I really didn't want to have dirty shoes on the part of the green screen that extends onto the floor. Sure its washable, but the more you wash it the more it fades and wears out. I'd rather avoid getting it dirty in the first place. So instead of having my actor stand directly on the green screen, I put down green poster board over the green screen and had the actor stand on that instead. I have a lot of green poster board around, I use it often for quick and dirty cheap green screen shots. The stuff I found is pretty close in color to my green screen, so it works well. I often use it for putting holes through people or just generally marking things that will be added in digitally later. I can cut the poster board into any shape I need, even tape it to an actor etc. So in this case I used full sheets of poster board to make a walking path for my actor to keep dirt and mud off my green screen.
Ok that was a longer tip than I intended. I kinda ramble when I get tired.