Important 32-bit & 64-bit question for HitFilm users

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Hey guys! Some of you may have spotted us asking about this last week over on Facebook and Twitter.
As you know, HitFilm is in a constant state of development. We have a wishlist of features that if printed out at a 12pt font size would stretch to the moon and back (approx.).
Currently there are both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of HitFilm. Maintaining both these versions for every single update requires additional resources which could otherwise be put into new features/optimizations/fixes/etc.
Something we're currently considering is moving to a 64-bit only release model. We wouldn't make this shift until a major new version at some point in the future, so HitFilm 1 will always be available as both versions.
As mentioned, the reason for such a change would be to dedicate all of the team's resources to features, rather than to maintaining the two versions.
So the question is: what do you think? Various research indicates that there's been a massive movement towards 64-bit since the release of Windows 7, but it would be very useful for us to get a feeling from the community as to where people are at.


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    Personally, because of the sort of work I do I cannot work on a 32bit OS without serious speed decreases.
    Considering most off the shelf desktops come with 8gb RAM+ and most laptops now with 6gb RAM+ it is starting to become a no-brainer when choosing x86 or x64.
    In a professional environment, it will always be 64 bit. In an amateur environment, the complexity of things people are working on is pushing them to need 64 bit anyway.
    If killing off the 32 bit version means more time and resources can be put into increasing features, then I'm all for it. Although I'm not a user yet, I'm keeping my eye on development until everything is in place where I can move over for personal projects.
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    I also think the 64 bit version is the one to keep. With so much going on with effects and with film editing in general, 32 bit is definetely a thing of the past.
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    Here is the issue, I already have the 64 bit version and it is awesome, but I think that you will be killing a huge part of your current fan base is you cut the 32 bit version. You already made Hitfilm PC only, and now your thinking of making it 64 bit only. Not everyone has 64 bit Windows, not that its a huge upgrade price, I only paid $99 for Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I'm just saying, think of all the pros and cons before you make a decision.
    That's my two cents.
    John B-)
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    I agree with InTheFlesh, almost all computers moving forward are starting to have 6GB+ of RAM and already coming with a 64-bit OS. It would make sense down the line to focus on the 64-bit side of things.
    Does anyone know if Windows 8 will even be 32-bit compatible?
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    Jedi - that's exactly why we're conducting some research at the moment. From a development perspective it definitely makes sense, but from a customer and marketing perspective it may not.
    As far as we can tell, 64-bit is already quite a way ahead of 32-bit, although there's a curious disparity between demo users and full version users (possibly explained by demo users quickly downloading any version, while customers take more time to download the correct one). Other stats such as the Steam survey indicate a big take-up of 64-bit in the last year-or-so.
    By the time we might think of actually doing this things would be even further down the line.
    But, as you say, we certainly dot't want to cut off a big potential group of customers. Which is why we're trying to figure out exactly what percentage of users and potential users would be affected. It's a thorny issue!
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    32 bit just doesn't make sense if you really want to get into the filmmaking thing, you won't get far with it. As from what I know, Adobe just did the move as Premiere and AE are only available in 64 bit since CS6, if I'm right? Not saying you should just do what Adobe does, of course, as your price targets other people than their.
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    Everyone's making the jump to 64 bit though, so it shouldn't matter a whole lot because HitFilm isn't going to be strictly 64 bit for a good while. Once users realize that they need more than 4 or 8 gigs of ram to speed things up... trust me they'll gladly jump to 64 bit.
    I for one would appreciate all resources going into new features. We would get more updates frequently which would improve the software and our ability to do even more with it. :D
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    Remember when they get to 2.0 version we have to buy the software for any new updates! So I was told.
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    When I first got hitfilm I was using WIndows 7 32bit and hitfilm 32bit. I was not happy with the performance levels I was getting out of my PC which was at the max of 4 gigs of ram(with 3.5 being useable for me). Im using an old Dell XPS410 and started looking into upgrades. I found out that my computer could for from a duo core to a quad core/64bit and so i went from 1.5 duo core to 2.93 quad core and upgrading to windows 7 64bit, and doubling my ram to 8 gigs. 32bit systems are being phased out as a whole and yes it may sound like its excluding people but its also prioritizing your resources. If 32bit support will continue until the next big update thats fine. After the next big update still keep the 32bit available at a discounted price with it being known that its no longer being supported for updates unless its fixing bugs.
    I wanted to max out my system because that was a really easy and cheap option. The only thing I can see my self doing is upgrading to a faster graphics card/selling my EVGA GTX 560 Ti oc and finally figuring out how to transfer everything off my old harddrive
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    Remember when they get to 2.0 version we have to buy the software for any new updates! So I was told.
    That's correct. As has always been our policy for the last 10 years, we handle it like this:
    Updates (ie 1.0, 1.0.5, 1.1, etc) are provided free to users. Updates will usually include collections of fixes, optimisations and some new features. Occasionally a free update will be a bit bigger, like our big 1.1 update at Christmas. Updates inevitably tend to come soon after release, as we react to feedback from you guys and finish up any bits that didn't quite make the main release, such as with the 1.1 tracking features.
    Upgrades (ie HitFilm 1, HitFilm 2, HitFilm 3 etc) are entirely new versions and have a discounted upgrade price for users. Upgrades will be to major new versions of the software, introducing epic new features that significantly move the software forward in various ways.
    We've always felt this mixture provides a really good level of support for customers, while giving us the resources to keep investing in major software development.
    The proposed move to 64-bit only, for example, would only happen as and when we do a 'HitFilm 2', which is still a loooooong way off.
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    Those poll results look like a forgone conclusion to me
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    Our forum software doesn't seem to show how many people voted for each option, only the percentage tally, so it is a little anecdotal. However, the vote on Facebook had a similar balance after 123 votes. Still only a small sample of HitFilm users, of course, but it's probably indicative at least.
    As mentioned, this isn't a change we'd be making imminently, so by the time we actually got round to doing it the scene would have advanced even further towards 64-bit take-up.
    Thanks for the feedback, it's hugely useful - do keep comments coming if you have any.
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    So it would be hitfilm 2 being only 64 bit (if it happens) and not say the next major update? :)) Sounds awesome - I would say im in favour of it if it means better and better stuff being released
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    The key thing about any software which works with video clips is that it takes a hell of a lot of RAM to fit all those clips in real memory.
    In memory it has to go if you want to avoid huge slowdowns caused by Disk Swapping and the dreaded Virtual Memory.
    The simple fact that the 32bit system is limited to no more than 3Gb ram (i used to get 2.75GB out of mine) means you run out of real RAM very fast, alot faster than you might think.
    I would suggest to anyone looking to transfer to 64bit in the forseable future to look very closely at your motherboard if you plan a hardware upgrade at the same time, mine is old and limited as far as how much RAM i can get in there, it's got 6 slots but i fould to my disappointment (because i did'nt do my homework first) that 6GB is the max i can put in in the form of x6 1Gb sticks. Believe me, when working with a single full HD clip at around 35 secs long in Syntheyes, that 6Gb is pretty close to full up.
    Still, im currently running a Win 7 32bit/64bit dual boot system at the moment due to a few key components still waiting for full 64bit complience but cant wait until i say that final goodbye to 32bit.
    I cant see the general situation of RAM usage being any different with Hitfilm so do your homework people & get lots of RAM capacity for the future.
    Closing Thaught:- When Hitfilm finally gets it's RAM PREVIEW capability you aint gonna like being limited to less that 2.75GB on a 32bit system are ya ???
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    I hope the awaited Shatter Effekt will be an Upgrade, not an Update. ;-) On the other Hand, who cares, i will buy the imaginary Hitfilm 2 Version sooner or later as soon, as I can afford it... ;-) Depends just on the Price, how fast it will happen... ;-)
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    Oh, and by the Way... If 64 Bit is needed, (and it is for professional Work), then i think it wouldn't be much Differrence in Sell-Counts...
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    For fast efficient FX, 64-bit is the only way to go. Lower end machines that may still use 32-bit in the future would not likely have the graphics capability to run HF anyway. IMHO, It only makes smart business to focus on 64-bit as it the basis of future operating systems.
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    Then it will be a 128 bit next year! LOL! I have a Graphics card that is a older HD card and it works fast with hitfilm. I will admit, it is a 64, good point and spending more money for a better machine!
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    @TGAMEL Ve3ry nice system.
  • PreetKatanaPreetKatana Website User Posts: 2

    sir how i use free virson on 32bit ??

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,226 Ambassador

    @PreetKatana you cannot. This is a very old thread and there is no longer any 32-bit version of Hitfilm. 

  • LarryPlaneLarryPlane Website User Posts: 70
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    Triem23 but bro here is avalble 32 bit first virson hitfilm 1 but i have low prpcessor or 32 bit thats why i want to use free hitfilm for 32 bit so how i do this ?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,226 Ambassador

    You can't. First, FxHome didn't distribute a free version until Hitfilm 3 Express. Second, all versions of Hitfilm after the first  are 64-bit only. Finally,  FxHome is no longer distributing licenses for older versions of Hitfilm. 

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    Triem is correct on all counts.

    I'm going to close the thread in the hope of preventing further confusion!

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