Once exported to AVI video slows down...

NewhitNewhit Website User Posts: 12
I've been using Hitfilm Standard for a while now and mostly export my vids as AVIs. Normally they are great and i burn them straight to DVD. However,im currently exporting my vids to AVI formats and when i play them back they start off ok, then they slowdown and lag, with the peoples voices going quicker than body movements etc. I don't know what is happening. When i export them to MP4s they play great. I'm also noticing that when i export these vids in AVI formats, the file size seems quite large considering they are fairly short videos? Any help will be appreciated as I'm really stuck on what to do. I've deleted old vids to free up GB memory on my comp but looked at it and there is plenty of memory on the comp so that isn't an issue!
Many Thanks in advance.
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