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I would like to make a series of technical training videos using a green screen. I want to incorporate a slide show in the video. I think it would be easiest to explain my current thought process and hopefully someone will be willing to help me with my questions. I'm a very novice film maker, but am a quick learner.
My plan is to buy HitFilm to edit videos. I will be shooting with a Logitech c920 1080p webcam on a tripod hooked up to a custom PC. I already have the lighting and backdrop bar setup other than the green screen since my gf is a makeup artist.
I would like to shoot myself in front of the green screen discussing technical terms and would like to be able to see myself in front of the green screen with the slide show behind me so I can point at various terms.
Is this possible or is there a better way to go about it?
I also thought about putting green X's on the green screen and just pointing to them and then add the text in later using HitFilm. would this be the simplest method?
Any thoughts, insight, experience or tips would be awesome.


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    Well I would recommend setting up your PC so the slide show was on, so when you are I front of the green screen you can click your (ideally wireless) mouse and play the slide show. So it will end up with you on a green screen saying what is on your slide show (as you are reading it like news presenters do) then just through the slide show in the corner area of the screen and match the slide shows progression with you talking about it and it should work, if you understand what I mean.
    Also you could do it like they do in film state with Ryan Connolly, where there have a part of the green screen where Ryan stays away from, so in post they can add pictures and stuff of what he is talking about, then in post they put what ever he is talking about on the provided space for it on the green screen, and there you go, a slide show on your green screen.
    I ink this is what you were asking for?
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    It looks like you're complicating it a bit with your original idea. If it were me, I'd plan the video and then just shoot myself on the greenscreen, and add the images during editing afterwards.
    I've done editing on some training videos where the person was sat to the right of the shot and they just wanted me to add images fading in/out at certain points to their left. The only reason they shot on a greenscreen was so they could have a motion background looped behind them. Are you planning something complicated with the slideshow?
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    I'm thinking your idea of an X or some other reference marker on the green screen and adding the slide show later in editing is the best route to go. I would rehearse it a number of times to get the timing correct before i actually did a shoot.
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    Well I must say I'm not to good at shortening my answers like you two, haha
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