Nvidia SLI

First post on Hitfilms! Just picked up HitFilm Studio and i am starting to play with the tool. I do notice that using HD Video seems to lag a bit. I have seen many posts about this on the forums. Question, does your tool take advantage of multiple vidieo cards? I currently have 2x 580GTX cards in my pc which is a quad core i7 running at 4.8Ghz. I wouldnt expect any kind of lag but i am seeing it withthe HD video.


  • AxelWilkinson
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    SLI technology is designed specifically for games, and doesn't provide any benefit when working with video applications such as Hitfilm. But I'd suspect that the performance lag you are experiencing has more to do with the format of your video than it does with the gpu. What format and codec is your HD video in?
  • jdpg2
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    Thanks for the quick response. Its AVCHD Video from a panasonic HD video camera.
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    We do currently have some performance issues with Panasonic AVCHD video. We're actively looking into this at the moment, so hopefully we'll have some news in the near future.
    Also: welcome to HitFilm! :)