Problems with the speed effect

I wanted to slow down my movie, and I used the speed effect.
First I pushed the slider to the right, and then it got *how surprising* faster.
But when I did the same in the other direction (pushing the slider to the left), against 0.05 and 0.1,
my video just fades out black.
So I get following result:
First 3 seconds I got a picture (I think it's the first of the movie) Than it starts to fade out.

Help me, please! I just wanted a kind of slow motion (or just slow) movie. And all that I've got is a picture, which is turning black!


  • OrangePekoe
    OrangePekoe Posts: 452 Just Starting Out*
    Normal speed is 1.0, try slowing it down by 50% first (0.5) at speeds of 0.05 or 0.1 it is only 5-10% of the original speed.
    If you have a 5 second clip and slow it down to 50% (0.5) you'll only see 2.5 seconds worth of the original video slowed down over 5 seconds. At 0.1 you'll only see 0.5 seconds of the original over the course of 5 seconds which in some cases might look like it's standing still.