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I've been working on an effect I saw in an Andrew Kramer video at Video Copilot where text is chiselled out of a stone surface (Procedural Crumble).
I've done a much simpler version in HitFilm for our church's food drive (to explain the screen shot's content!) which worked OK, and if anyone is interested I can post more info.
I'm posting here because I have a question as I look to improve it: I realise one of the reasons Andrew's version was so good was that the text depth was very simply set by use of an inner shadow setting. I can't see anything equivalent to this in Hitfilm.
My work around was to use a combination of Drop Shadow and Emboss on the text and have the layer blend mode set to Divide (not really sure why that blend worked so well). This is limited in two ways - can't get a lot of depth and the edges are somewhat rounded rather than sharp.
[attachment=301:Tin Commands (1-5) screen shot.png]
I've also tried various overlapping of shadow layers and original text, but tend to get an effect which looks like I have a "stencil" layer floating over a background layer rather than a letter cut out of the stone (look at the inner corners to see what I'm talking about).
[attachment=302:text with inner shadow.png]
Does anyone have a way of improving it?
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