Fancy being a zombie and part of a zombie short by award winning filmmakers? We need your help!

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Hi everyone my name is Emily Attwood and I'm directing a new short in July near London, England. It would be great if you could help me out we've managed to fund our last two shorts out of our own pocket but now need help to fund this. If we don't reach our target we will not receive any money. So if you could just take a look and share it around I would be eternally grateful! Basically my crew and I have made two shorts in this series already and will be using this to get funding for our feature. There are ways that you can get involved on the crowdfunding page but you can also drop me a message if you're interested in being part part of our crew! We're always looking to get more people involved especially people new to the industry as we know how hard it can be to get your first break. The link to our crowdfunding page is:
and you can check out our website at: or my personal website at
Thanks very much any feedback would be apreciated too!
Here's our first short if you'd like to get a feel for our style :)

Em :)
EDIT Working Link:


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    Video unavailable for me
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    Doesn't work for me either.
    A zombie short film seems interesting, there are lots of zombie short films out on the web, so it will be interesting to see how original and well done yours will be, and the one you have already made (which i can't open).
    Sadly I have a few quid spare which I need to save up for some lighting, so I can't donate any which is a shame. I'd love to help out, but I doubt I can as I live miles away from London (plus I'm only 16).
    So what type of VFX will you be using?
    I am looking forward to watching the first short film when the link is working :) .
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    Sorry about that guys. No idea how I managed that!

    That work?
    There are alot of zombie films out there! Ours are very character based so in our feature you will only see say about 4 zombies during the entire film. It's more of a drama than a horror. Saying that our shorts are very zombie focused to try to get peoples attention.
    Anyways hope you like it. Let me know what you think either way :) (If the link works... :P)
    We spent a whole day just making this scene to get the lights and zombies just right.
    Oh and there are no vfx as such. This scene we're about to make has a zombie run down by a car but we're going to do it with clever camera work. I think less is more! All gore is done by our two amazing makeup artists!
    The feature will be the same but with actors who know martial arts etc.
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    by the way if you're looking for lights on a tight budget I can find you the link for lights I bought recently. They were only about £160 for a set of redheads. They're from Korea or China but they're more reliable than many thousand pound light kits I've worked with. Although they do get very hot!
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    Just seen u do VFX any ideas of how you'd do someone getting run down by a car so it looks realistic? I have no idea about VFX tbh!
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    As always with VFX, it depends on the specific shots and how you'd like to shoot it.
    The simple way to do it, though, is to film a couple of plates:
    1. Your actor on the street (without vehicles) acting behind hit.
    2. The car driving past/slamming on the brakes/etc.
    Then you can composite the two together so that it's timed in such a way that the actor falling over coincides with the car's movement.
    You can take it a step further and add some animation to the actor so that he moves further when he's hit, if you want. Maybe composite some blood splatter onto the car.
    Another route, if you have a good physical art department, is to create some kind of dummy that can disintegrate into a mash of blood and gore and have the car actually drive into it. That way you get realistic gore splatter over the car. So in this case, around the point of impact in the composite you'd switch from your real actor to the dummy exploding over the bonnet/windshield. :)
    Obviously in the latter example you should make sure that the dummy isn't going to smash the windshield or pose any kind of danger to the driver of the car or cast/crew nearby.
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    i watched the ending of your promotional video and i really like the ending short film where the camera slowly moves away from the girl, thought it was awesome, did you use a dolly?
    clip 1) don't worry about the lights, i hate hot lights, i do green screening in green screen suits and they get very hot and irritant, so cooler lights are more useful, but thanks anyway for the suggestion.
    clip 2) if some one got hit by a car i would say you should film the car and the person seperatly.
    get a shot of the car driving past normally, maybe break a bit where you will hit the person so the car will judder and look like something has hit it.
    then film your actor on a seperate take standng on the road (on the part of the road where the actor get the car to break to simulate the impact/hit). Then overlay clip 1 and 2 to find out where the car meets the person, then cut clip two at the point the car is about to hit the person (the frame before the point the car overlaps the person)then do some masking so you end up with the shot looking like a car drives into some one who suddenly disappears when the car should hit them.
    Clip 3) film your actor pretending to get hit by a car on a green screen, then take that clip and put it on your film and animate the movement of the person on the green screen so they actually look like they have been hit by a car. Then colour grade it and what not so it all looks the right colour.
    what you should end up with is 3 clips merged into one scene looking like someone gets hit by a car, sorry if it is hard to understand as i wrote this in a rush, so there could be grammer mistakes and what not. if you dont understand some of what a said, just ask (i am not too good at getting my point across clearly, which irritates me alot :( lol).
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    Hello Emily! I just thought i'd mention i really love that scene- the lighting looks great and the camera movement to reveal the zombies was really well done. I wish you the best of luck with completing this!