Blood Splatter Effect

I'm trying to accomplish a realistic blood splatter effect using Action Essentials 2, however, I am unable to make the pre-keyed footage look good while compositing. When I drop the footage onto the Composite timeline I change the blend method to "ADD". This works, but tremendously downgrades the quality of the footage as well as makes it look very transparent. I've even tried duplicating the layer a couple of times to add depth to it, but only makes it look brighter and worse. Is there anything else I may be able to do that will sell the effect and make it look real?


  • jawajohnny
    jawajohnny Posts: 143
    I believe the Action Essentials 2 blood splatters have a white background, correct?
    If that's the case, then you'll want to change the blend mode to Multiply... which removes the white but retains the rest of the layer.
    Hope that works for you!
  • No they are keyed with a Black background. I'm having the same problem with all the effects including muzzle flashes & explosions.
  • jawajohnny
    jawajohnny Posts: 143
    Ah sorry... I think the NCCinema footage is against a white background.
    Have you tried screen for the blood? Add does basically the same thing, but adds a bit of "intensity" to the footage --- at the expense of sometimes increasing the brightness/transparency, at least in my experience.
    Also... the Action Essentials 2 footage is pre-keyed... so how does it look with just the Normal blend mode?
  • In Normal mode you just see a clip of the effect against a black background. It's possible that it's not working properly because I got this clip from Youtube. I don't know if the Action Essentials stock footage files are different than just downloading it from Youtube.