"The Breach" and "Project Thunder"

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If anyone here has been following my activities during the last few months, they might have noticed that things have gone a little quiet. I have been very busy with a short series of films titled: "Project Thunder". Due to work, school and limited resources the actual "series" part of "Project Thunder" has only just recently gone into production (I'm knee-deep in VFX now )
Instead of going all out this winter and spring, I decided to get the ball rolling on 3 sister prequels that follow the stories of 3 important characters in "Project Thunder"
The first was "Sentry", watch it here.
The second was "Broken Veil" (My personal favorite). Watch that one here.
The Third and final, "The Breach" was released a few weeks ago. The Breach represents every filmmaker's nightmare. We had a low turnout of actors, the lighting crew never showed and the video never really totally came to fruition as I had envisioned it.
That being said, I had footage and I had time. The final result was different from what I was hoping for but still a solid interpretation. I was hesitant to share here because I knew it wouldn't be well-received. It took me until just now to remember that the important thing is getting better and making the most of bad filming environments.
So anyway, without further rambling, here is the last prequel to "Project Thunder"!
The Breach

All VFX done in Hitfilm, as is with all of my videos.
If you have any questions,comments, criticisms, just leave them below. I'll be happy to respond! :)
Project Thunder is set to come out in July sometime! STAY TUNED! :D


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    I saw this a while back, perhaps on the Movie Wall or linked elsewhere. Really like the stylised lighting and sound, it lends the film a very unique and memorable style.
  • Keegan
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    I'm glad you liked the style! We had fun with siren lights and smoke machines. :))
    You also reminded me of a production note I forgot to mention. Audio!
    Almost all the audio was convoluted with spikes I recorded with the camera Mic in the 3 different rooms.
    For those of you who don't know, convolution is where you take a sound and process it so it sounds like its in a specific environment. You do this by recording a clap, gunshot or some loud audio spike that is loud enough to reverberate through the entire room. Then, you process it with a convolution filter. I use the Plugin "Edison".
    You can also use convolution to make sounds seem like they are in a different environment than they actually are in. I used this to give the outer rooms of the base more of a large, warehouse kind of feel as opposed to the actual concrete corridor we were shooting in.
    I like to think the sound is just as important as visuals and I try to spend equal time on both! :P