Anyone know how to do this effect?

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I am looking to do something similar to the effects in the first 12 seconds of the youtube video above. The author (Majahr Pictures) has not yet made the tutorial. :( And me being Nooblord of The Film Industry... I have no idea how to even begin making such an effect.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Majahr Pictures does excellent work, and I have gotten a lot of good information from his other tutorials. If you have not watched them, subscribe to his channel and check them out, they are definately worth it.


  • RobinRobin Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,671 Enthusiast
    The main effect is a text with an animated mask to make it disappear, and a particle system following the edge of the disappearing text to create the illusion of the text turning into particles. Add a lightflare, and you have the main effect.
    For the background I would guess maybe a plane with a cloud generator and a few effects, as well as a particle system to produce the floating dots.
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    The foreground text and accompanying effects are all I am concerned with here. I have a different background in mind.
    I think I know how to do the animated mask, but the particle system and light flare, I am unsure of.
    I'll have a go at it and see what happens. :mellow:
    I smell impending disaster and much frustration on the horizon...
  • RobinRobin Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,671 Enthusiast
    Well go ahead and try it, and post the results so we can give you feedback! :)
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    well, this isnt going very well. I watched RodyPolis' tutorials on the particle generator, and I just cant seem to get this thing to do the effect that I am looking for...
    i am ready to throw in the towel and just do a simple white text on black background.
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    Feel free to explain what particular aspect is giving you difficulty, and you'll likely get some good suggestions from other users here, before just going straight to throwing in the towel. The more specific you can be about where you need help, the more effectively we can offer guidance.
  • ChadzillaChadzilla Website User Posts: 14
    What i ended up with is a bunch of streaming orange triangle like shapes that fall straight down from the middle... really quite embarrassing.
    What I had in mind was the effect in the above video (first 12 seconds) to bring in the text, and then a few seconds later, reverse it to remove the text.
    I am clueless with how to even begin doing this. Its like climbing into a cockpit of a fighterjet after having only seen them on TV... looking at the controls and thinking to yourself that you dont even know how to turn it on and start the engines.
    I thought I understood what an 'animated mask' was, which to some people may be something simple. It even sounds simple... but all I could get it to do was completely turn the screen black, which is quite comical to me. :D
  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,232 Staff
    So you are having difficulty setting up the particle emitter to get the correct shape? If you were able to get orange triangles, it sounds like you were able to import textures and assign the color successfully, yes? And if they were all falling, then perhaps you already found the forces and turned one on, to pull them all downwards? So you are making some progress. :)
    The two particle effects in the first 12 seconds of that video look to be set up quite a bit differently from one another. The first one looks to me like it is emitting in all directions, and then getting pulled heavily to the left by a Force, right up to the end, where I think a second particle system is introduced to throw particles to the right. The second one looks more like a Disk trajectory, so the particles are just spewed out in a ring shape. Which one are you looking to replicate?
    Also, have you watched through any of the Getting Started tutorials we have created for HitFilm? There's lots of them available, although there is still lots of particle system stuff that hasn't been covered, due to the near-limitless potential of the particle simulator. But for Animation in general, and for Masks, we have some nice focused videos that cover the basic controls and how to use them:

  • ChadzillaChadzilla Website User Posts: 14
    I have watched some of the tutorials. I will review them again. Thank you for your time.
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