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You all seen tell? Here is a link (if it works...)
It is awesome, perfect for a horror film, the camera angles, lighting and all just makes you feel more involved and, personally, freaked out! ARGH! Nearly gave me a heart attack watching it on my own in dark room on full volume with headphones on lol


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    You must have never read The Tell-Tale Heart before. Realizing that's what this is based on (which happens very early) removes any suspense from the rest of the film, because you know exactly what's going to happen. Granted, they tweaked stuff, and simplified the story, and used a lot of modern horror tropes, and gave it a conclusive ending, but it didn't manage to surprise or scare me at all thanks to knowing the general basis of the story ahead of time.
    It did have some very good shots, and the acting worked (except for the girlfriend and her friend, who I thought were awful). One thing that bothered me is that the cop was like, "Wait here while I illegally search your house because someone complained about noises." That could have been handled much differently. Like, by giving the cop an actual reason to search the upstairs, or don't have her go upstairs at all. They only did that so they could have her navigating dark hallways and try to surprise the audience with the heavily telegraphed stabbing.
    Oh well. It's definitely a good short, but not great. I'm also extremely critical of horror/suspense films, though.
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    I've read a bit of the tell tale heart but only a little bit I think. Anyway I could easily tell what was going to happen, when he fell from the Attik and was looking up, she was obviously going to be there, but for some reason I still freaked out haha.
    Yeah the acting was good but a couple people were a bit off, or as You said "awful" . Yeah now you say it the cop bit is quite weakly laid together with an excuse to search around the house, but overall I thought it was really good :D better than their last film "losses" mainly because the camera work is less shaky haha!
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