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Well, it's hard to doubt him. Even with Australia under his belt as a stinker, I can think of no one better-suited for adapting the novel to a strong film medium than the creator of period-set Moulin Rouge or creative literary adaptation Romeo + Juliet. It just looks, well, pretty fantastic.

Following the proof that honest, wonder-filled 3D films like Scorsese's Hugo can both work as glossy entertainment and big-budget Oscar fare, Gatsby seems to be doing it right with shooting in 3D itself. There goes Best Picture. Spectacle, artistry, flawlessly-decadent production design, striking direction, and stronger casting. All in a Great Gatsby adaptation. Really, a combination that has to do quite a bit wrong in order to fail.
This looks great.


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    Looks lovely. Let's hope it actually has some substance. I loved Romeo + Juliet when I was a teenager, partly because I was studying the play at the time and it brought it to life far better than any of my teachers managed, but Moulin Rouge left me utterly cold.
    Something about Luhrmann's films always tends to feel very artificial and too overtly...constructed. I sit and admire some of the artistry and technical achievements, but at no point feel like I'm watching a well told story.
    Then again, that artificiality and superficial characterisation could actually work PERFECTLY for a story like The Great Gatsby. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this.
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    I loved R&J and Moulin Rouge, and this looks like something I'll also enjoy. The trailer reminds me so much of R&J, and I think that's a good thing. Looks overwrought and intensely visual, and I'm sure it'll be awesome. So many great movies coming out this year!
    Ps. Can we start a general trailers thread? We've been starting new topics for each one that are usually short-lived. If we had it all in one place, it'd be a lot easier to find things, and it wouldn't take up much space. I really want to talk about the teaser for PT Anderson's The Master, but i don't think it'd get enough conversation to justify having its own thread.
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    Not a bad idea, though that risks in itself meaning that people interested in a specific trailer might not spot the generic trailer discussion topic.
    Then again, that hasn't prevented the "rate the latest movie" topic from having some cool discussion.
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    I figure we're talking enough about movie trailers that a trailer megathread would probably never leave the first page, but I'm sure some folks would still not pay enough attention...
    So I'll just derail this thread in the meantime to talk about The Master:

    This teaser tells you absolutely nothing about the film (Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a Hubbard inspired faith-leader, and Phoenix is a drifter who becomes his right-hand man), but still gives just enough to go on, and if you're familiar with Anderson's past work, you should recognize his handiwork right away. With a performance like that, we don't really need to see much, but we already know quite a bit about Phoenix's character from these brief, vague glimpses. This is one of the best teasers I've ever seen, and I have no doubt that the film is going to be spectacular. Just chilling work here, and looking to be a fantastic follow up to There Will Be Blood.
    Edit: See? I'm glad I didn't start a thread for that.
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    Oops. Looks like someone forgot to spell-check the trailer. They misspelled "Ziegfeld Follies".
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    That's one of the best teasers in recent memory, Aculag. Wholly original construction and beautifully shot. Thanks for posting - would have missed it otherwise.
    And, of course, Gatsby looks stunning....right up Lurhman's alley. I'm seeing shades of Moulin Rogue in the trailer; hopefully that bodes well for the final film.
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