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So what I'm dealing with is I recorded some footage on my sony Handycam HDR-XR150. It produces the files as a .m2ts file (which from all the reading I have done on this form is a raw file type that is not easy to edit with.) I see that hitfilm will import them but it makes hitfilm run extremely slow while editing. So at first I tried converting the .m2ts to .avi but I sadly do not know enough about even the basics of it all. I was getting into Codec, which I'm still not very clear on. Anyway, my problem right now is if I try to use hitfilms and export the .m2ts to .avi or .mp4, the .mp4 comes out choppy, and the .avi comes outs slowed down and shows "tearing" or I guess what is called interlacing? I'm sure it has to do with settings and proper codec but I just simply don't know how to get it to export from hitfilm and run smooth, at correct speed, and with not tearing.
The second thing I tried was converting the .m2ts to .avi and then use hitfilm from there but again I was getting confused with things like codec, fps, video bitrate.My video in .m2ts format is running at 21 MBps.
I just don't know enough about video editing. I have done quite the searching on Google and these forms for answers but even then I'm still having a hard time.
I don't know if it matters any but I did try transcoding my videos. I gather however that transcoding is the same things as converting from .m2ts to .avi.


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