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Right now I'm working on a movie about America after it has been hit with Nuclear Bombs and invaded by an outside country. I havn't really decided who is going to invade America because no country really can. But anyways I am really excited about starting this movie and I want to get all of your ideas and thoughts on if I should make this movie, or if it is just stupid and shouldn't even think about starting it. I am in high school so I can't really start anything until Summer or until i graduate before I have enough time to make this. So please share with me your ideas on my film.


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    As to who's bombing, why not some third-world-country-based terrorists? Or you could just make them a rebel band with no nationality,who's infiltrated over the years. Just a thought.
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    I am in the same situation, I am going to make a film, but I can't until I "graduate"/ finish my GCSE exams in a few weeks. I have scripted my film, sorted out lighting and location, along with story boards and VFX needed to be added in, in post. I have opted to do a short (3-5) min long film as doing long ones straight off is a bit of a risk especially if it is "[your] first film". How long is it going to be??
    Also, for a first film, doing a nuclear invasion type film would be hard to do unless you really go to town on the VFX ( changing environment to look like it is destroyed, using high quality VFX like muzzle flashes etc).
    Also shooting films (I am guessing it is going to be a shooter as you mentioned an invasion) are rather clechéd, there are so many, and it is therefore hard to stand out from the crowd, this is why I opted to go a different route with my film, and based it on skyrim.
    Good luck, also you have more info about the film so far?
    (just my personal opinion)
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    thanks Flehxi and Blitz Yeager for your ideas. My friend knows a lot about VFX and I know a little so i think we got some of that handled. Also for Blitz Yeager my friend suggested North Korea? I don't know much about how they would invade us but he told me that they have a really legitimate Spec Ops deal there. But I was thinking like a retaliation from like the economy collapsing or something like that. Again thanks for your ideas guys!
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    Hmmm... As a back story, how about an economical crash leading to a food shortage, riots ensue, government over reacts, nuke. Just a thought.
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    Thanks man I also wanted 2 do a zombie apocalypse movie but no1 wanted 2 make that but oh we'll I think this movie will b big
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    Good luck with the vid, let me know how it turns out
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    Hello iso! a cool sounding project- on the subject of the invasions you might want to have a quick look at modern history and also some fiction- there's plenty of inspiration in there. For example one of the most over done invasions of america is done by the Russians- i'm not sure if it's because of the fear americans had during the cold war and it's remained but most modern day action films dealing with invasions tend to have russians as the baddies- a lot of games too.
    Your friend might have suggested North Korea after reading some of the writings by John Milius - he wrote stories about invasions on American turf and wrote the backstory for the game -Homefront- where north Koreans invade America.
    Like i said earlier another possibility is to look at America's modern history- during the interwar period the White House made detailed plans for possible scenarios with wars against the rest of the world- obviously most of these didn't happen because the second world war began in 1939. It's quite interesting to read about how they would have dealt with threats and how they would have attacked other nations- quite shockingly they planned to fight Britain! Here's a couple of wikipedia articles for you to look through :

    Whilst a lot of the econimics of the world has changed and new countries have become super powers (China, India and Brazil for example) it's still quite interesting and may give you a few ideas.
    If you didn't want to add too much history to your film and wanted to base it on events- you could always exaggerate the news- you mentioned a nuclear bomb attacking first- quite recently Iran have been testing long range missiles and it had most of the world worried they could be converted to hold nuclear armaments. For story purposes this is very usable- the only worry is that it's too recent and you might upset people by claiming they're country is developing weapons they probably aren't.
    If you wanted to you could always invent a country that's based on an multitude of different nations and wouldn't upset anyone. You'd have to do abit more work creating the history of the country so the audience can connect with it- but you can then make the baddies a lot worse!
    Or to make your film stand out you could perhaps make the opposing side Americans- either that they're radical extremists wanting to preserve their country or another civil war because of the recession, no jobs, corrupt politicians and so on. would add a different twist to the whole 'America being invaded by-' stories.
    All the best, looking forward to seeing what you do with it!
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    hey Mercianfilm thanks a lot. you gave me a lot of useful info. Thanks alot yo and I prob won't start this project until i get the money and until i graduate so it will b awhile before this gets started. Plus my friend wants me to play drums in a band so I will be super busy. Again thanks a lot.
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