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Hey guys!
I attempted to go to newegg.com to locate a video card, as mentioned in the recommended requirements. Newegg.com allows you to search by GPU which is great. I also saw the thread about the ATI video cards where it mentions that, for all intents and purproses, the last 3 #s are what you are looking for, at least for performance goes. So lets say a 4900 is theoretically better than a 5400, seeing that the first number is just the category.
So anyway, here it is. What I just mentioned above doesnt seem to apply in all case. The numbers really DO appear to be all over the place. There are 900s below 300s, but are supposedly better.
Help! :) If anything, should we be looking at the amount of data it can process instead of these arbitrary #s that the companies assigned these video cards? I know we should be looking for one with "at least 1024 MB video memory and support for OpenGL 2.0", but isnt there another spec we can investigate? (something regarding gbps? pardon the ignorance)
Thanks in advance guys!


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    Hi David,
    The world of GPU's is definitely confusing when first getting into it.
    If you're looking at ATI cards, in a given series ie: 7000 series you'll tend to have a few models ie: 77xx, 78xx, 79xx (slowest to fastest). From there each model has a few variants, such as 7950, 7970, (rumored 7990) ranging from 'slowest' to fastest.
    GPU memory is definitely important, but equally important if not more important is the core clock speed / boost speed, and memory speed. As you move up in variants and model numbers, things such as your core clock speed increase.
    If you're looking at the Nvidia based cards it's the same thing but with less numbers
    Series number: 400,500,600
    Model number: x50,x60,x70,x80,x90
    Special Variants: xxx TI, xxx OC
    I'm not sure where you are seeing 900's below 300's.
    If there are a few cards you're thinking about getting, post them up and we can help you figure it out if you'd like.
    I don't know if I helped you out any but the HitFilm recommended list has the most common consumer gaming cards with the exception of the most recent ATI 7000 and GTX 600 series.
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    I'm starting to understand it a little more. What I had noticed is that a lot of the GPUs listed on newegg were not on the recommended list here. But the point is to not to use the recommended list as the bible, but more as a reference, correct?
    So lets say for the AMD/ATI Radeon cards...even if the last 2 numbers do not appear on the list, it can be safe to assume, for the most part that if the last 3 numbers are in the 800s or 900s, it will have a pretty darn good clock speed, as you mentioned.
    Forgive me, I think I was just making a smaller issue into a bigger one, but again...I think I was trying to match specific models up on the recommended list here, with the list of options at best buy, newegg, etc.
    Oh, and regarding the 900's over 300's, I was just throwing #s out. I was referring to this list:
    ...which may have been the origin of my confusion in the first place :)
    Anyway, thanks for the response! I don't have a specific model in mind right now, and I know you guys already posted that information before (for the most part), but with me taking that list as the end all, be all...along with that link above, I started to confuse myself, I think. Thanks again!!
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    Yes for the AMD cards if the last three digits are in the 800's / 900's it will be a pretty nice card generally speaking.
    I took a quick look over at Newegg just to see how their cards are listed. They are down to mainly 6000 and 7000 series cards.
    That list by Tom's Hardware is definitely a good starting point, from the 8th row and up you should still be able to find those in most online retailers with decent availability. The 9th is also on the recommended list but you may be hard pressed to find decent stock of those cards. (Note: I'm currently using an AMD 5770 and it does the job - though I've just ordered a new card to help speed things up)
    Furthermore, Nvidia just released the GTX 670 which is ranked between the AMD 7950 / 7970 if not on par with the 7970 on some things.
    Good luck with your decision :)
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    We also have some advice here: http://community.hitfilm.com/index.php?/topic/457-hardware-buying-tips-for-running-hitfilm/
    We probably need to update that post a bit, but most of the info is still good.
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