Super Jumps, any ideas?

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Any ideas on doing super jumps? I know I can green screen it but any tips on trying to keep the look of John Carter from Earth. I liked when he first landed on Mars and was adjusting to gravity and wanted to see how to replicate this to the degree where I can have it look like someone is floating or falling when they jump. The superman tutorial gives a great cheat to make it look like the hero is up movings and I was curious if anyone had ideas on how to pull that off for a jump. If I could do harnesses I would but thats not really a cheat.


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    When I "learned" how to fly with hitfilm when i first got the software I learned the method of freezing a frame and cutting out the actor to animate him, but what I would like ideally is to have the actor be able to move while "jumping" but have a believable jump to it.
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    I watched John Carter and I think I came up with a cheat which works.
    1) Make a video of the actor jumping
    2)Take that video and export a frame for each second of the jump.
    3)if the video was shot on a green screen its easier to whipe the background and just have the actor, if the actor was filmed outside then get ready for some rotoscoping.
    4)parent the frames of the actor in jump to the moving point. Having each frame fade out as the other is fading in.
    5)Throw on a motion blur
    This way you can take a normal jump and extend it to super proportions without needing wire work. For some of the cool floating effect with the actor moving you still need wires but this should work for those actions shots where you want someone with super jumping around
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    Sounds like you have a handle on how to do the jump. That's pretty much how FreddieW did it for his rocket jump:
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