Assassins Creed: Legacy

BloodFalcon616BloodFalcon616 Website User Posts: 46
My first big project! As of now, I plan on using HitFilm for the job. The movie is set in modern time, where the Assassins are in their most desperate time yet. Apart of a large cell in Detroit live two brothers, one a young initiate about to become an Assassin and the other a decorated Master Assassin. But on the night of the younger brother's initiation, a group of Templars attack the base and few survive. When the older brother is supposedly framed for exposing the Brotherhood, he flees and it's up to the younger brother to go after him and discover the truth. But when their paths cross, they will discover a treacherous plot within Abstergo to begin a quest for world domination! Like up this topic all you Assassins Creed fans!!!!!


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