Virtual Backgrounds and green screening

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So I am trying to come up with options for when it comes to film a scene for a movie. THe more real locations and real props the better for obvious reasons. There is a scene very early in the movie that involves being in a cabin. The scene is simple, bad guy in a corner and as the hero goes for him he dives out of the window. Any suggestions or advice on trying to do a virtual set for this location? I just would want an old cabin look without the work of having to construct an old cabin set. I have filmed with green screen using flat backdrops and static images but does filming someone being in a corner and moving through the background change that?


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    As long as you build the greenscreen set being careful that the corner he is sitting in, and the size and position of the window he jumps through exactly match the virtual set you are using, then it will be fine. If you are sloppy in matching the layout and camera angles, then it won't work as well, or at least it will require a lot more work to get it to work convincingly.
    My recommendation would be to look for a location that could be used, rather than trying to greenscreen or build a set, though. Especially if you are looking to save time/work. Finding a vacation cabin or something similar that you could rent for a day would be the easiest solution, and shouldn't be super expensive.
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    A tip for if you do green screen is blur the background some. Like a depth of field effect. It makes all the difference and also do light wrap.
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