Free dvd making software with these specifications?

AzulonsAssassinAzulonsAssassin Website User Posts: 109 Enthusiast
Hey everyone. So I've been searching around the internet for some dvd authoring software with what I want. Can't find any. What I'm looking for is FREE software that can not only make custom backgrounds, play the movie, and go chapter by chapter. I would like it to do this and let me do a special features menu of some sort. Like behind the scenes, etc. all in the special features section.
Thanks in advance.


  • NuttyBananaNuttyBanana Website User Posts: 151
    You don't make custom backgrounds with DVD Authoring software, you basically make a short movie and then add it as the background to the menu page. Same goes with all animation you see from pressing a button and it animating to another page.
    If it's something you're going to be doing often then is it worth investing a small amount to doing it right? I believe Sony has DVD Architect (or something like that) for a good price.
    There are always free options out there though and a quick search for free dvd authoring pulled this website up. Of course I can't vouch for any of these so I think it'll be a case of testing them out.
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