Fortune - An Atomic 24 Hour Video Race Entry

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We did the Dallas 24 Hour Video Race again this year, more on an unplanned/unexpected whim than any other year- deciding a few hours beforehand to register and drive the 200 miles from Austin to Dallas to compete in it. But we did it, and even in shooting down to the wire- til 10:40pm with a midnight deadline- we got it in with time to spare and our pretty happy with the result. But, much more than that- it was just a blast to do.
Check it out!

Written, shot, edited, and produced in 24 hours. Required elements were:
Line of Dialogue-:"I don't know, what do you think?"
Location: A closet
Theme: 'Going Green'
Prop: Fortune Cookie


  • SketchWorkSketchWork Website User Posts: 127
    Nice entry. Thought provoking with some nice camera work. Pretty darn good for 24 hours work.
  • AculagAculag Website User Posts: 708 Just Starting Out
    This is pretty well put together, and you've got some great shots (as usual). Very nice for 24 hours, though it's a bit predictable, and a bit "safe". I've watched it a couple of times, and I think my only real major issue is that the voice over repeats dialogue. Repeating the same line in less than two minutes seemed unnecessary.
  • AndrewAndrew Website User Posts: 379 Enthusiast
    Thanks for the comments, guys. I know these forums are newer and a little slow, so I appreciate you taking the time to acknowledge the thread and watch the short.
    As far as voiceover goes- it wasn't something I particularly planned, and I'm not only surprised it worked as well as it did- but that we got this completed at all. The vision for it was much more of a 'Drive' Albert Brooks/Ryan Gosling sort of conversation between the two leads, punctuated by scenes of action and outcome, ending with the 'I don't know, what do you think?' line alluding to more than dessert (he asks him beforehand "fried ice cream or kung-pow cake?") to larger life decisions.
    However, in shooting the dialogue scene, the acting chemistry came off in such a different but much more dynamic way, that it didn't make sense to heavily linger on it- but rather to cut some lines and use it what was important. In doing this, the narrative felt a little flimsy in the overall flow, and around 10:50 at night, just a little over an hour before it was due- we shot more of a 'robbery' type scene (which initially we were only going to allude to) and haphazardly threw it in, restructuring the overall tone of the short.
    It was truthfully Ben and I just falling into formula- what we knew was safe and could help cohesion- in getting some voiceover last-minute and throwing it in. I believe it was like 11:15/11:20 when Ben rushed to the back room and said lines for Corey to quickly repeat so that we had something in case, as was the outcome, the voiceover-less short felt soft/unimpacting.
    I was honestly just lucky with my placing of the voice work and how/where it sounds. I was in such a rush to complete the thing, I hadn't realized I was reusing lines- Ben had Corey say like 5-10 phrases once or twice and threw the card at me, and I spent maybe 30 seconds total scrubbing through it before making the call to use the 'that's all anyone can expect....and maybe that's enough...' type lines.
    Nonetheless, in the end I felt it sounded fine that way, and wanted to keep the integrity of it 'being made in 24 hours' to show to you guys. I agree it comes off a tad overdone/unnecessary, but I'm happy to have it in there than have no voiceover at all- as it helps focus and pace the whole thing- and it's just one of those calls that comes out of the overall tone and pace of a project shifting from page to production.
  • KahvehRobinettKahvehRobinett Website User Posts: 443
    Very cool little short, hard to believe it was made in just 24 hours. I also really like they way the footage looks visually.
    Keep up the amazing work, Kahveh
  • AndrewAndrew Website User Posts: 379 Enthusiast
    Well, we got 1st Place. Thanks to all who've watched!
  • AndrewAndrew Website User Posts: 379 Enthusiast
    Just as an update to the non-existent audience on here: We also won the online Audience Award a few days ago!
  • SketchWorkSketchWork Website User Posts: 127
    That's brilliant news Andrew. Massive congratulations.
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