The Adventures Of Battler Britton

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When i was about 12 years old i discovered a stack of old magazines under the roof of the house i spend my childhood in. Covered with dust from the past years where among them the stories about Battler Britton a genuine world war II hero who allways beat or escaped the germans even in the most imposible situations. A british fictional war hero who was drawn for the first time in 1950 and ended in 1965 after 15 years. The stories where written by Mike Butterworth and drawn by Geoff Campion. In that time wing Commander Robert "Battler" Britton paticipated in all of the wars battels from europe to the pacific war.
The impact of his comics magazines has now over 40 years later driven me to try to do a "tribute" to my favorit cartoon hero of WWII in a short movie fully animated with 3D Models.
After some animation testing and writing a story line its now under way. Animations are very time consuming if they are to have a certain level. Its not like Spielberg/Jacksons Tin Tin as i have no motion capture equipment and it has to be done by keying everything in the scenes in an animator. But i am content with work until now as it is a "cartoon" Movie mixed with real life arieal and area film. The combination can create very cool looking things with HitFilm Ultimate.
So far so good . . . But i like to invite some creative people to do some Fx, gun tracers, smoke, exchaust from planes, and more to the movie. As i dont have as much time to do it as i need to, caused by working on other film projects. To speed up the making of the movie is it required and i also like the idea of a HF community project. The movie is NON PROFIT ! Its to be released on Vimeo/YouTube. I am sure it can cast of a lot of experince to all and benefit the community by tutorials and breakdown of the scenes done in HF.

Feel free to ask about more information . . . And yes i do have a test movie ready. But the copyrights of the comic series "Battler Britton" are currently not cleared so i cant show it puplic.
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