I strongly recommend Hitfilm Ultimate should have auto-save file

I'm so depressed that I lost my 4 days working file after Hitfilm Ultimate crashed.
This is the only thing I want to say.....


  • Um, all you had to do was hit save every couple of minutes. Or every couple of days for you I guess. Having an auto-save would be nice, but it sounds like you just need to his save at least one time.
  • Chun-mu
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    Maybe I didn't describe too clearly.
    I definitely saved a file, what I did wrong is that I didn't save a new file everyday.
    The situation is, Hitfilm crashed, the file became "0 kb".
    Of course Hitfilm can't open it....and this my only project file.
  • budwzr
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    Yeah, if the project file can get corrupted like that, that's a MAJOR FAULT!!!
    At least it should revert to "last saved" status.
  • Autosave would be good for me because my laptop sometimes overheats (laptop at fault not hitfim) , or maybe if it saved before a rendering.
    I find hitfim is normaly so stable it lulls me into a false sense of security
  • waduk
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    i only been playing around with HitFilm for one day, but already the lack of autosave feature is disturbing. I wish it could have an autosave feature like AfterEffects.
  • DannyDev
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    Autosave is a great idea and fine for *very* simple applications but HitFilm projects are rather complex and can take several seconds to save and load (especially on non SSDs).
    It would be rather annoying to have your workflow interrupted every few minutes by a auto-save.
    One option would be some kind of incremental-save but then the program would have to figure out what has changed which could prove to be even more expensive.
    Better to concentrate on making the product more stable so that your don't *need* autosave B-)
  • NullUnit
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    I find HitFilm to be very stable. I don't have problems with it crashing and it pushes my computer to its limits.
    I trained myself to hit "ctrl-s" every couple of minutes regardless of what program I'm using. And every 30 minutes or so I save my session to a thumb drive or external Hard-drive. I've learned the hard way that this is the best practice.
  • waduk
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    what i mean by auto save is an autosave like After Effects, it doesn't overwrite your real project, but make a save copies elsewhere and we can make an adjustment how often autosave will kick in.
    You maybe in luck regarding not crash. But i read in the forum some times ago there's fatal crashed (already solved). That will make your save file is zero kb or so, completely broken, and it doesn't have anything to do about pusing the computer to the limit, the (already solved) bugs is caused by custom layout CMIIW.
    The point is, HitFilm just like any other program is not bulletproof to crash.
    That's why i say the lack of autosave is disturbing. If you didn't want an autosave, you can just turn it off in the Option.
    And that's one of the main reason i have a doubt on HitFilm.
    I will buy it for personal use. I just cannot risk this on my small production company.
  • NullUnit
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    I know Hitfilm isn't bullet proof in regards to crashing. No program is. I come from the old school before auto-saving existed and developed my way of saving based on that. I don't want to rely on auto-saves because I don't totally trust it. When I save and back up to an external drive periodically, I know what I'm saving and when. But, thats just me.
  • zeroflame0
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    I think Hitfilm should have an auto save like that of Pinnacle Studios. When it crashes, you have a choice to start where you last saved or resume exactly what you were doing before it crashed. This makes everyone happy I think. I cannot tell you how many hours of time I've lost due to a lack of this feature. Please look into this because I think it would make everyone happy.
  • F.L.Taylor
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    I agree HitFilm Ultimate should have a Recovery/Backup/Auto-Save feature of some sort. Its a necessity with any software developed for a MS Windows environment. My crashing problems started after the most recent update. I manually save after every major change out of force of habit. However, since I cannot predict when it will crash, that is still too risky in my opinion. Even MS recognizes this possibility and puts a recovery mechanism in their software products. HitFilm has a very powerful Undo/Redo History system, an Auto-save feature would only compliment that.
  • SimonKJones
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    I'd also like to see some kind of auto-save feature implemented in the future.
    Meanwhile, though, even with an auto-save feature: do you guys not back-up your project files at all? I'm not just talking HitFilm stuff, but your project files in general. With important project files for any software, I tend to keep a backup on a separate drive, or use a service like Dropbox to maintain a versioned history of every iteration of the file. That way the data is always safe even if your computer explodes. :)
  • OrangePekoe
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    Would love to see this function added as well.
    While I agree saving periodically is very important, as TheDarkStar mentioned, we're using a Windows environment and things just happen. Even small loses of work regardless of whether you're under time constraints is frustrating.
    Fortunately, I have yet to have HitFilm itself crash, it was Windows that wanted to take a nap -.-
  • Jlane0710
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    An old thread and maybe there is a more current one about the autosave features but I couldn't find one....

    I also think there could be some improvement in the autosave feature.  For one, there could at least an option to NOT delete the autosave files when a manual save happens and/or when the program is closed.  Even if Hitfilm doesn't crash and the OS doesn't crash, project files can still get corrupted.  Users can easily unknowingly make changes to their project that they don't realize until later (after a manual save or even on a different day).  Since autosaves and even history are cleared after the program closes, it will be impossible to recover those changes unless the user manually does periodic incremental saves along the way.  A quick "incremental save" feature would be nice such as "CTRL+SHIFT+S" which saves the project as a new name incremented by an appended number at the end or something.  Anyway, I really like Hitfilm Pro.  I have been using it for several weeks now and I am getting the feel of it but I really feel it lacks in this area.

  • FilmSensei
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    This IS a very old thread. Feel free next time to make a whole new one.

    I save my project files incrementally. So I may start with Project01, then I save it as Project02, etc.... Every time I make a big change, I up the number. The reason is because sometimes the  HitFilm file gets corrupted, or for some other reason I cannot reload it when it crashes. So I save incrementally. Yes, it is a pain and takes extra time, but I feel it is well worth it, especially on my lower quality computer which when I add one more major effect can crash and not be recovered.

  • Palacono
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    Well, it does highlight that 6 years later not much has changed. It's down to the user to be responsible for backups. 

  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    Software like LightWorks and Scratch have had a flawless autosave for years. They save everything you do as you do it... they don't add any latency to the UI since they're not doing a full save every few minutes like Resolve used to (now it has live save...)

    Periodic automatic project increments should be a core feature though. When you're busy working you shouldn't have to go and create a new project backup... that should be automatic, so that you don't have to distract yourself from your work to do it.


  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    Also keep in mind that FXHome can't actually guarantee that HitFilm will be stable all the time, because there's too much out of their control. There's nothing that the developers can do to prevent HitFilm from tripping over a glitchy nVidia or Intel display driver, or if the computer crashes from overheating, and that sort of thing. If another piece of software blows up the display driver and crashes the machine... etc.

    That said, it is impressively stable, but FXHome isn't in control of the foundation it's running on. 

    And that's where things can go awry. 

    That's precisely why the likes of FilmLight and SGO for a long time sold ONLY turnkey systems... 


  • Stargazer54
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    What @FilmSensei speaks is truth.   Do not rely on auto-save in any software package.  The user is responsible for their own file management.  Get in the habit of saving incremental versions as you go - file001, file002, file003, etc.  Nothing is perfect.  At some point your system will lock up whether you're in Blender, AE, Photoshop, HF, ...

    Sooner or later your system will crash no matter what package you're in.  It's nobody's fault, it just happens.  Protect yourself and save incremental versions.   This practice also allows you to experiment further and maintain a version that you are happy with without destroying it if you goof up.

  • Palacono
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    This thread is 6 years old. What's changed in Hitfilm? It still throws away your project after a crash if you say "no" to the save-recovered-file question - because you'd like to try and remove the effect that made it crash first. What other software does this?  What's wrong with adding an auto-incrementing number to save file names (make it an option?) when you save? Make it Ctrl-Shift-S instead of Ctrl-S, if you want to keep it a separate option.


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