Avengers? Who cares! I want Justice League!!!

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Is there anyone out there that can't wait for a Justice League Film? I personally like DC over Marvel.
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  • DanielMorgan
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    The problem with that is, the DC characters aren't really that established in films. Marvel has well established characters, Hulk, Iron man, Cpt America.
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    They need to get the films right first. of the DC characters only Batman had been succesful. Look at Green Lantern so much money spent and it turned out to be pretty dire. As for the last superman I couldn't get past the first ten minutes or so.
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    Yeah, there is a real lack of consistency with the DC movies. Batman blows away everything else in the DC movie universe. Superman was not good, hopefully the new one will be. Green Lantern was abysmal and there is no Wonder Woman movie at all.
    The Marvel movie have far more consistency. Captain America, Thor and Ironman movie were all great and the latest Hulk movie was pretty darn good (in my opinion). That lends itself to a successful team movie.
    Also, I thought they handled the Hulk well in the Avengers movie. He is a very over-powered character and they handled him well in the movie. I wonder how they will handle Superman being way over-powered in comparison to say Batman...
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    Here's the thing. Even if they do end up making a Justice League movie... it's pretty much already been established that all the characters will be re-cast. So Christian Bale wouldn't be Batman, Ryan Reynolds wouldn't be Green Lantern, Brandon Routh (or Henry Cavill) wouldn't be Superman, etc.
    They'd go a different route and make the Justice League it's own standalone franchise, which to me would be automatically inferior to what Marvel has done with The Avengers. By the time they'd make the Justice League film, DC will have made Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman movies (not to mention the potential Flash and Wonder Woman movies that are in the works). It will be cheap and lazy if they don't take The Avengers route.
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    Or they just reboot Batman and Green Lantern, and do exactly what Marvel did for The Avengers. Hooray for more of the same thing over and over again!
    Ps. There's a topic called "Things you would like to see made into movies".
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    Justice League just wont work as a movie, since it is weak. There characters just are not that great. The Last few Batman movies are good, but Green Lantern was not all that great at all! Just my opinion like everyone eles's. Thanks for reading!
  • AxelWilkinson
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    A Justice League movie could be great, but I think they woud need to use a completely different BatMan character than the one Nolan has established. Trying to fit Nolan's Batman into the same universe with Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Superman just wouldn't jive.
    The concept itself is great though. I'm not nearly as big a fan of DC's characters in general, as compared to Marvel's, but handled correctly, there is definitely potential. Comics are themselves a visual medium, so translating such iconic characters to the screen is totally feasible. But then, the key phrase there is "handled correctly," and of course, pretty much anything, if "handled correctly," could make a good film.
  • MatthiasClaflin
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    I don't see a good Justice League movie coming out any time in the next ten or so years, because like others said, Nolan's Batman wouldn't fit and if they re-casted everyone, it wouldn't be as strong as a movie like the Avengers is. Not to mention GL was a disaster of a movie imo.
  • SimonKJones
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    There's already talk in this direction, though, hence TDKR is Nolan's last Batman film in this style. The idea is to then reboot in a different direction. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the new Superman is going to move in a unifying direction, but in a loose, non-committal way a bit like the original Iron Man. Then they can follow up in a couple of years with a unified Batman reboot, followed by whatever other characters they want to use.
    The problem they're going to face, I think, is that Nolan's Batman has been so wildly successful that people might not readily accept a rebooted version. The interesting thing with Avengers is that they are all characters that people hadn't seen on screen before, so there was no baggage.
  • MichaelJames
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    The type of batman they need to go with needs to be closer to how Marvel has established some of the more normal hereos in their latest movies. I want to see the batman that is taking on a juiced up Bane who is lifting cars and clearly stronger. He needs to bust out with gadgets and they do not have to be realistic. A cloth outfit that is explained as some futuristic material would be good. For inspiration they should just look at The Batman The Animated Series.
    The movies need to stop worrying about origin stories. Big heroes really do not need them. Do you need to really reestablish how Superman got here? Or that he is weak against Kryptonite? Or have another movie with Lex Luthor? No
    Green Lantern needs to be done similar to Thor except please give us Jon Stewart.
    A good Superman movie needs to be like the new Hulk Movie. Bad guys that he can slug it out with. The following sequel could be Doomsday.
    Include Vision like they just threw Hawkeye in.
    Do Wonder Woman like Captain America.
  • MatthiasClaflin
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    Green Lantern needs to be done similar to Thor except please give us Jon Stewart.
    Totally disagree. I want to see a well done Hal Jordan. I like Hal's character better than Jon Stewart.
    I would also say that realism is important and so is origin. I just think that origin shouldn't be the main plot of whatever reboot they do. For Batman Begins, it worked well showing his rise to Gotham's hero, however redoing that could be more destructive to both the new batman and the Nolan franchise.
    I do agree on the Superman movie though. Give him an enemy who could realistically have a chance physically. It would be much more fun to see as we've seen two good Lex Luthor movies in my opinion, (meaning the first two Christopher Reeve movies).
    However I'm a fan of the Adam West Batman and the George Reeves Superman, so what do I know?
  • MichaelJames
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    http://www.comicvine.com/forums/battles/7/john-stewart-vs-hal-jordan/409468/There are too many Hal Jordan type characters running around. If Flash is going to be around you need John Stewart to add to the team dynamic. I like Hal Jordan but we are not trying for independent series, we want something which can fit together for a change. I included a link that takes you to a comic forum where they show a couple pages from a green lantern comic. Its just John Stewart reflecting on the differences between him Guy Gardener and Hal Jordan. Then he demonstrates that he is a much more powerful GL.

    The problem with all the comic book movies before Marvel gained control of their properties is that everyone wants to do an origin story and really add some gravitas, but in reality most comic book characters origins only provided the weighted balance to who they are as a hero/person later in the series. Look at Wolverine, hes the best example of not needing to hammer out every single detail to have a good character. He was a badass who you learned had a troubled past later on.
    Realism is a take on comics that works for the new batman series but it also warps the original source material and you lose so much. I like the new batman, but where is batman vs killer croc? Where is batman vs Clay Face? Batman vs Bane? Yes i know the new batman is against bane but I liked the comic/cartoon version where it was a brilliant mind inside someone who juiced up to the point where he had superhuamn strength that far exceeded batman's ability?
    The new hulk movie was a great reboot. They did not try to tell the origins all over again but did a fantastic job of catching people up so they were not lost.
    I want superman vs metallo, superman vs doomsday, superman vs parasite. I do not want realism to enter into comic movies because thats how you get Michael Bay turning TMNT into Aliens from space.
  • SimonKJones
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    I'm not nearly as familiar with DC characters outside of the Big Three, but they've always seemed intrinsically less realistic and slightly ludicrous, and far better suited to animation than live action. Whereas Marvel characters seem slightly more rooted in the real world (hence all the NY connections). Which isn't to say one is better or worse than the other, just that the Marvel characters seem to fit slightly more easily into a real world setting, Batman aside.
    Making DC characters and designs work in reality is a real challenge for filmmakers.
  • MichaelJames
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    @Simon well most Marvel characters have flaws and things which from their inception made them human. DC started adding a bunch of that stuff later but its hard to compare to characters who were at their core more complex.
    Not every marvel character is designed with depth and the fantastic four is only balanced out due to having The Thing.
    Superman is Captain America but with no real adversity because his powers are so great. It is stunning to watch but I feel like most adaptations of Superman fail because they do not know how to balance him out. A superman movie should not hold back on the cg effects like a lot of movies. I know cost is a big thing but still. I think making a superman movie similar to the new Hulk movie is the best bet because it balanced the weak nerdy half of the character to the unstoppably strong side. I knew hulk was going to win any fight because he is the strongest there is, but they added a nice amount of drama and realism to the character that did a good job of making you care. Watch the final fight scene of the movie where the Abomination has hulk pinned to the wall struggling, and then the hulk notices betty in trouble and his eyes start to glow and then he demonstrates that he is much stronger then the abomination.
    I do not see a Flash origin story working well to create drama, but I could easily see a movie with the Flash fighting villians use to his speed as interesting. I netflixed Justice League Doom and liked the concept of each member of the JLA being challenged by someone who was familiar with their strengths and weaknesses.
    Marvel and DC both have times they are very outlandish or very realistic. The films need to be done in a way that holds true to the source material. Look at X men the movie vs X men Origins. The Hulk vs The Incredible Hulk. Spider man vs even the previews of The Amazing Spiderman. Instead of trying to do deep and add all this angst they stick to the source material which has always provided a fair level of drama. Also, the pacing is completely different. I haven't seen The Amazing Spider man but it looks 100 times better then the other movies.