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Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knows any good, cheap (under £110), sliders or dollys that I can purchase, but they have to give a smooth finish.
I have looked at the ones (dollys) you out under the tripod (attaches to feet) but I have mostly heard negative feed back for, them.
I also found an opkeka slider on amazon, but again I have heard that it is sometimes a bit stiff, any advice guys?
And If not, I may try to make one of the ones shown on film riot but I doubt they shall work to well :/


  • MatthiasClaflin
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    Why not make your own DIY dolly/slider?
  • Froi
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    I don't know how well they work, have you made a DIY one before?
  • MatthiasClaflin
    MatthiasClaflin Website User Posts: 674 Just Starting Out
    edited April 2012
    I did make a DIY dolly at one point. It worked well, however since I used PVC pipe track, and the ground I tested it on wasn't very level, the track would bend to the shape of the ground I was on, since it was flexible PVC. Going back I would've used metal pipe, which would have been considerably more.
    I made this one for $18.
    Test video
    It was actually really smooth and easy to operate. I found it to work exactly as I wanted it to. I have since gotten rid of it, when I moved, since it didn't fit on the moving truck...
  • atomkeks
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    Check this out:
    But before you buy, check this review as this Slider has a minor flaw which you can avoid by using it as mentioned in the review:
  • Viktorious
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    Yeah I've been trying to build one. I have two aluminum pipes separated by six inches or whatever size you mini dolly is and it glides smooth. All you need is some nice small wheels from a skateboard and and some pipe and you could just build the rest. This is pretty close to what I made mine like. Sorry I don't have any test footage but it worked pretty good.

    I don't know if I would use pvc though because it wants bend too much and you will have to keep readjusting it over and over like I did. Aluminum works best but it is more expensive.
    I like the second vid atomkeks. I'm going to try and build something like that only five or six feet long. I love the slightly tilted up shot to the dog. That was great.
  • Froi
    Froi Website User Posts: 966
    Ok, thanks for the help, I have come up with a good idea to make my own,
    Basically like the version in viktorious's video link, but using different types of joints and what not to fix things, :D
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