maximum distance in 3d space

could it be that in 3D space particles are not shown if they are moved over -100000 into the background?
I made a 3D camera tracking of me going up with a cable-car (skiing) filming the other valley side. The aim is to draw a line on the other valley side with the route from the peak all the way down. All this would be based on a tutorial (Lightsaber burn mark) which uses the particles to draw a line.
If above is true
- can I get past the -100000 border (changing scale of particles does not help)?
- any other suggestions to draw a line?
Just testing the trial version, but looks like a great program :)


  • knatti
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    Should I copy this into technical support?
  • Hendo
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    Try this:
    Right-click the camera layer and choose Properties.
    The Far Clip Distance by default is set to 100000. Try increasing that to 150000.
  • knatti
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    I can't go beyond 100000 (110000 is not saved after OK, value returns to 100000).
    The other valleyside is 500000 away.
    Then I have to try a 2d tracking as it looks.
  • knatti
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    2d tracking only works to have a Dot
    but as the camera moves the tail of particles moves with it and does not stay where it was tracked (peak of mountain).
    So I end up with this
    Blue arrow shows where it started and the peak where it should have been, towards the end its better because the camera did not move that much anymore.
    Next I will try something with masks