Film Look via HDR Techniques?

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Somebody posted somewhere about a software called "Hugin", and it put me thinking about HDR via layers of bracketed shots. And I realized that in music, they use overdubbing to increase the richness of vocals, among other things, and it made me think "Hmmmph!"
If dynamic range can be increased by compositing under and over exposed shots, or more accurately, a one f-stop spread, across three or five exposures, how can we translate this process into single exposure video?
I also saw a post about TechniColor Cinestyle, and what they do is use a proprietary "lookup table" to substitute their brand of film look into your pixels. So I wondered how we could create a LUT from our own footage.
The first thing I thought of was desaturating, making tonal adjustments like Ansel Adams did, and compositing that "map" back into the original footage, and it does produce a dramatic effect. A "Film Effect" that you can vary throughout the project.
I'll come back here and add some snaps to illustrate this concept, and see what you think.
The top one is untouched. The bottom one has a saturation boost and composited 80/40 with the untouched. The bottom one has more tonal range, but it's not brighter.
Even if you don't like the look, the beauty of this technique, to me, is it cuts down on color correction needs, except for maybe the worst case scenarios.
I think a simple WB adjustment across the board, and then you can simply keyframe the composite ratio.
I know there's no free lunch, but creating a film look is a destructive process anyway.


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    I've seen attempts at the HDR look in video before, and I really hate the way it looks. I'm not a fan of HDR photos anyway, so seeing it in motion, while interesting, is also a bit nauseating. But if it was used in a scene that's meant to be very unnatural and strange looking, I think it could work well.
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    I'm with Aculag. Not a fan of HDR. I have never seen it used for video but I imagine it would look very unnatural and odd. Something you'd see from Tim Burton. It could work for an uneasy, dream/unnatural look though.
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    See this example, especially the shot of the guy talking:

    Very weird looking. I could definitely see it looking awesome for a weird flashback or nightmare sequence, but a whole film shot like that would be hard to watch, I think.
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    That Guy's weird looking with or without.
    Anyway, I might start a company to do this. You guys want to get in on the ground floor? Cash only!