Rihanna, We Found Love - Matt Bate Acoustic Cover Music Video (Critique wanted)

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*Awakens from the darkest depths of the HitFilm community*
Hey guys,
Most of you most likely won't even know who I am as I was a regular over at FXhome.com. College work took over my life for a while and the products i was creating with the college always turned out terrible due to lack of communication and teamwork, so I've gone for working on my own products now, which is what I've always wanted to do.
So short history over. last Tuesday I met up with Matt Bate, a musician who is a part of a band called, "Upon Collide" but is now starting to move his talent towards solo performances and recently got back from Barbados shooting a music video of some sort in this solo performance theme. On Tuesday we shot his first YouTube solo performance, inspired by YouTuber's such as Boyce Avenue. The offline edit took a days worth of editing, eight hours at the most and the online edit took about a day, fine tuning and colour correcting. This was the final product.

If you guys have any tips or critiques about this, it would be muchly appreciated and would help me for my next video I'm shooting with him.
Equipment Used
Nikon D3100
Tamron 70mm-300 + Macro feature lens
Final Cut Pro X



  • MatthiasClaflin
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    Looked great B3N. Watched through, from beginning to end without getting bored haha. I think it could have benefited from some small dolly moves here or there to mix it up a bit, but it wasn't boring by any means.
    I'd be interested to hear about the sound recording for this piece.
  • B3NB4IL
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    Thanks Matthias,
    Glad it didn't get boring! That is always a worry when it comes to music videos, is making sure the edit suits the beat so it's captivating and all that shizz. Oooh, I really would have loved to have used some dolly movements, perhaps even some crane shots! but I don't have a dolly, crane, or a steadicam sadly. I was planning on investing in one later in the year, or making a makeshift one somehow.
    The sound was pre-recorded by the singer on Logic Pro until he got a take he was happy with, then when it came to recording, we simply set up the set, threw an unplugged microphone on a stand and played the recording (with eight metronome beats) to which he mimed too. And then, once the filming was over (seven takes) Matt used the same recording in Logic and tweaked the audio giving it some reverb and such, making it feel more "live". :)
    Hope that's explained enough! And thanks for the comments! :)
  • budwzr
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    That's the real deal, right there. Nice!
    Content is king, so you don't really need any fancy shots. But some crane movements might be nice. Especially something slow and circling.
    Maybe tweak the WB a tad because the teeth are a little yellowed for a young lad, unless he's a heavy smoker.
    Also noticed some "raccoon eyes" briefly. Maybe due to YT compression though.
    Is that audio mastered? Man, I would really like to master something like that, it's very crisp and clear. Great recording. I'm not a pro sound engineer, but I have the musical ear of one.:)
    There's something wrong with the right channel, although it's not a pan because the voice is centered. The level is too low though. Maybe from YT?
    Very awesome though. I really really liked it, and I don't like a whole lot, so it's genuine. :)
  • B3NB4IL
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    Thanks Budwzr!
    Yeah, the WB isn't too great to do in camera on a Nikon D3100, but the yellowness might be due to the colour correction I did.
    Haha, yeah, he's a self employed musician so he's got some **** skill in the music sector. He did a good job, fantastic client to work with too, which is a plus!
    Hah, thanks man. We already have another video in the works. :)
  • guitar74
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    This is how a lot of music videos are shot today. I would like to see Matt post a original song, if he has any? The video looks like a standard music video you would see today!
  • B3NB4IL
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    He will be doing a few more covers before starting to put his own material to light I believe. :)
    But thanks for the feedback! I think we are planning to try and go a bit more creative in the next cover. :)
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