I hope someone can help me. Please.
When you add a machine gun muzzle flash to a comp shot how do you get to fix the muzzle flash to a moving gun barrel?
Whats the quickest way?
Sorry but I'm a rank amature.


  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Posts: 5,252 Staff
    The quickest way is to use tracking, but its also a much more complex method, so when you are just getting starte, its apt to be more confusing and perhaps take longer. So I'll also give instructions for just manually positioning the flashes as well, which is also pretty quick.
    To manually position the flashes, you need to start by activating keyframing the Position and Orientation attributes, in the Controls panel. Select the controls panel, open the Transform controls, and click the circle to the right of the Position and Orientation. the circle will turn green, indicating that keyframes will now be recorded. Now, position the playhead at the first frame where a flash will appear, and adjust the position of the flash so it aligns properly with the gun. Once it is in place, advance the playhead to the next flash, and position that one. Continue working through the footage in this way, until you reach the end.
    The more complex, but potentially faster and more accurate way, involves tracking the end of the barrel, then assigning that tracking data to a Point layer. Then you can parent the flash to the point, so it perfectly lines up with the tracking data that was created. Have a look at the tracking tutorial if you aren't familiar with the tracking process:
    Let us know how you get on with this process, and if you have any further questions or get stumped on any step of the process, we can offer further guidance.