Free CG-textures!

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Hi all!
Maybe you all have seen this before but in case you have not it is well worth checking out.
I have found many interesting textures here.
Lots of them, easy to find in different categories, excellent quality and free if you don't download more than 15 mb a day.
(If you pay 59 Euros you can download 100 mb a day for a year, and so on...)
I do not work for them or have any connection what so ever, I'm just very glad to have found this source and want to share it.
Lars H


  • budwzr
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    Hey, great post! Thanks.
    Hot TIP: I have a S-load of these textures from 20 years ago that came with CorelDraw 6. If you have the older softwares in a closet you might have a bunch too.