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Rian Johnson's (Brick, The Brothers Bloom) new film Looper stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a time travelling assassin tasked with executing his future self (played by Bruce Willis) in the past. I'm excited about this for a number of reasons: "Hard" sci-fi time travel movies are awesome, Brick and Brothers Bloom are awesome, JGL is awesome, Bruce Willis is awesome. It's also awesome that Shane Carruth, who wrote and directed my personal favorite indie sci-fi film, Primer, worked on some of the visual effects and time travel mechanics for Looper. So there is nothing at all stopping me from being excited about this. Now you can enjoy my excitement with me!
Here's the super hip and WOMWOMWOM-ridden trailer.


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    Been waiting for this for forever.
    A pretty badly-generic, early-2000s-era-feeling trailer, unfortunately.
    But the subtle prosthetics on JGL and voice imitation to give him a young Bruce Willis look and feel I absolutely love, and I've been sold on the movie pretty much since the moment it was announced. A time travel movie by Rian Johnson with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis starring? So down.
    Brick was one of the most creative, intriguing genre films I've seen in a while; and to my mind The Brothers Bloom was simply sublime- so it'll be interesting to see how Looper comes out.
    Disappointing trailer, exciting premise and cast still.