Morph suit keying

Is the green Morphsuit any good for green screening? I ordered one as I saw some of the stuff n YouTube, but I was wondering if any one has some first hand experience with using these things and how good they are at keying out.


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Morphsuit? I was guessing that you meant this, but I've never heard it called a morphsuit. Is that what you mean? If so, they work fine, for very limited applications.
  • Froi
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    No, a morph suit is like one of those, but much, much cheaper and design for fun, everyday use. but you can get lots of different coloured ones and one colour is green, so I thought it should be good for green screening.
    (sorry I couldn't get the more detailed link (one of green suit) but my Internet won't let me load the page! :( )
  • Froi
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    It works! I got my suit and it works, bit of shadowing on it, but that will be sorted out with more lights (I only used one light to test it). :D I recommend people to buy them for green screening, but there is a caption on the back saying Morphsuits
  • SimonKJones
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    Would love to see some test shots done with your morphsuit. :)
    I've used a green screen suit from Tubetape for a few projects over the years. They can work quite nicely, although you look like a complete and utter idiot while shooting. :P