Grainy videos from T3i?

I apologise if I posted in the wrong section. But I recently was trying to get my settings right for film making and playing around with different settings but the videos always aren't sharp and are grainy to view straight out of the camera. On the LCD screen it looks ok however once exported to a computer the videos are grainy and blurry. I was shooting at 1/50 F3.5 ISO 800 with CustomWB. The camera was a T3i with a 18-55 kit lens. My Picture style was User Definded mode. Here's a screenshot to see if it helps. I pre focused on a spot and left it on a tripod with the IS turned off.


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    I can't see the problem, that image looks fine. At ISO you are likely to get a bit of grain, but there is nothing wrong with grain. Its the natural result of shooting higher ISO's, both with film and digital. That being said, I'm not noticing grain in that image, but that could be partly due to the fact that its only half the size of the original frame (assuming you are capturing 1080 footage). Focus looks fine too. You will get sharper images with more expensive glass, but that's decent footage you have there. If you closed the aperture down a bit more you could get the flowers in focus as well, if that is your concern, but I can't see anything in that image that I would consider problematic.
  • Errhhhh. I'm not sure how to explain it but it looks low res on my screen. Any ideas?
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    Video snaps ARE low resolution compared to photos.