Creating huge plumes of smoke

As the title goes I'm sure the 3d Particle system would handle this really easily but does anyone have any idea how I can create some pretty large plumes of smoke to go with some fire footage I have..?
Many thanks for any assistance anyone can provide me.!


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Well, you could start with the Oil Fire preset, which creates a large plume of smoke, then modify the settings to adjust the appearance as required. "Pretty large plumes of smoke" is not very specific, and could cover anything from a campfire to a burning city. But in general, the slower the smoke moves the larger it will appear, and using more textures, with each texture smaller, will also make it appear larger.
  • TheRealJayWalker
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    Thanks Axel. Sorry yes it was a little vague wasn't it. Basically I've got some real nice stock fire footage but doesn't have much smoke to it. I've got a scene where buildings will be on fire so was going to resize the stock but wanted to put some smoke behind the flames.
    I'll give the Oil Fire preset a try.!
    Thanks for the reply
  • budwzr
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    There's a website that has old footage of nuclear explosions in black and white. Try to Google for it.
    The mushroom clouds are awesome.