Light problem and Shadow on the floor

well I need to create a shadow on the floor moving with me, I watched tutorial about light and shadow but I don't understand...sorry...I am french and don't understand explanations in the tutorials, I imported my subject greenscreen on timeline, then the background,I put it in 3D, I cliked on new light, but Can't see the light on the screen....I can't choose the type, ambient or point or other cause I can't see the light on the screen...why??? I also tried to select cast shadow and others options but there is nothing on the screen, just my background and chromakey...Can someone help me and tell me in which order to import files on the timeline and how to create a shadow on the floor moving with the subject please?? Just the subject is with greenscreen...Seems so hard...I am lost..
Thank you


  • First of all make sure everything in the composite shot is in 3D.
    I don't know if it makes a difference, but here is the order that I have to get a shadow following behind me.
    Composite shot, which word be your green screen-3D
    Remember that you have to make your footage into a composite shot.
    Here is part one of the tutorial. I would start it and pause it, then try what you watched, then play some more, ect. That's what I did.

    Also what type of computer are you using? HitFilm is GPU intensive, and I had to OC my GPU to 900MHz to get it to run, once I started adding in the different layers. Your best bet is to watch the tutorials, I speak from experience on this one, some of these I have watch, over and over before it clicked. It is almost like riding a bike.
    Here is what I have been able to accomplish, the sad thing is I now have no hair on the top of my head. LOL